Saturday, December 27, 2008

Build A Bear Gift Card- Bunny is Created

One of the gifts that Shaylee received from her grandparents- Grandma Nea and Poppa Ed- was a Build A Bear gift card. We have been to Build A Bear Workshop before and Shaylee really enjoyed it. That is where she put together "Buddy" her spunky talking puppy. This trip Shaylee decided on a very soft floppy eared bunny. She got to pick out the bunny and watch it get stuffed with fluff and love.After Bunny got stuffed, Shaylee got to bring her over to the "wash and dry" salon area (look, there is Buddy! He came along to have his neck stitched back up as all the loving he has received caused a small hole.)

Then it was off to find an outfit for Bunny. Here is Shaylee giving her Bunny a good squeeze while looking off at the wall of clothing. When asked what kind of outfit we were to get Bunny, Shaylee, without heistanting, said "Ballerina." I think that came from her recent love of the Nutcracker Ballet. She watched the whole San Franciso Nutcracker Ballet on PBS several times this month.

It was my idea to be sure that Bunny got a pair of "big girl panties" just like Shaylee since we are about to begin potty training.

I think Bunny looks very grown up in her big girl panties!

We were almost afraid we would not be able to find a ballerina costume for Bunny but Shaylee has a good eye and found a perfect Sugar Plum Fairy like ballet costume even in the sea of super cute outfits.
This is Shaylee's "ta-da" photo with Bunny- all stuffed and dressed up in her ballet finest! Huge thanks go to my wonderful in-laws, Linnea and Ed, for a super gift idea and a wonderful opportunity to spend with Shaylee- wish you could have been there!!!

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Neabear said...

Thank you for sharing your trip to Build-a-Bear. I thought Shaylee would enjoy that. I am glad we got the gift card for her. That was it was some fun for her and something she loves.