Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hmmm....Who Does She Look Like?!

Yup. She looks just like her Daddy! Here he is at age 7 and her at age 1. The hair and eye color, the shape of the eyes and the nose- its all him! I think she has my mouth and face shape though.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

And To Think She Looked So Pretty Before Dinner....


And after....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Update on Nils' Hand

Thank goodness, it is looking 100% better. Nils had an appointment this past Friday and the doctor said it looks like it will be fine. Here's some pics taken today showing how much better it looks.

Shaylee's Homemade Snuggle

My grandmother has this blanket she got from some relatives of mine from California. Its fleece with one side having a California state print and the other a solid color. Instead of the two sides being sewn together they are cut into strips and knotted- making it one of those No- Sew Fleece blankets that seem to be so popular at the craft store. Nils took me to JoAnn Fabrics as I wanted to make one for Shaylee since she likes to finger the little knotted tabs on my grandmother's blanket when she is falling asleep. It took me forever to decide on a fleece fabric, I couldn't decide between getting one that matched the living room- like a leopard print; one that matched the bedroom, or one that was just pretty for a little girl. I decide- okay, Nils actually decided to get the pink one that has all these cute sayings on it like "Snuggle Bunny", "Baby Dreams", "Sweet Pea", and "Bundle of Joy". I gotta say it came out pretty cute and only took me about half and hour to make. I plan on making one for the living room and another for the bedroom if I can find the right patterns. Here some pics I got of Shay-Shay and her new homemade "Snuggle".

My Daugher Is A Genius

Even parent thinks their child is super special, of course, but I think Shaylee is very advance musically. She shakes her little butt in perfect time to any type of music we put on and for the first time, she has learned to snap her fingers. She has been parroting that action for the longest time but day she finally figured out how to make sound. My one year old knows how to snap her fingers! I know adults that are not able to do that! My daughter is a genius! LOL! Nils and I are firm in our decision to enroll her in dance as soon as she is old enough, which is usually around 2- 2 1/2. I think we have a little ballerina on our hands!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

GRR! Poking the BearPoking the bear

That's what Nils calls it when something upsets me. And Sears and/or UPS has poked the bear. The dresser for Shaylee's room came damaged. The top piece has a busted corner and it looks like the trim has started separating. So I was super P.Oed yesterday when I came home from work.
For dinner Nils and I picked up some good ol' comfort food- KFC baby! MMMM.... straight to the hips and thighs one crispy fried chicken strip at a time. The diet is set to start on Monday so that we can get some healthier food up in this house again. And since "Aunt Flo" is here for her monthly visit, there is no way in hell I'd be able to start a diet right now. Yeah, these are probably some good excuses, but they are valid. Well, gotta go to work now- maybe more tonight, if I can get some time in before You Think You Can Dance comes on- my KFC trip last night had me miss 30 minutes of last night's episode- thank God for my DVR!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My New Favorite Store!

On Sunday, Nils, Steve, Shaylee and I went and got Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. Shaylee isn't big on it. She doesn't like really cold things. But she did get a kick out of the colorful killer whale, dolphin, sea turtle, starfish, and octopus statures they have there. They are suppose to look life like. I got a picture of her and I "riding" on the dolphin with my camera phone, but it was way too bright outside so it didn't come out. Bummer. Nils and I found a new favorite store there too! Ron Jon Surf Shop. They had tons of stuff there we would have easily walked out with if we had the money! Nils got a shirt, I got a tube top tunic (in white and aqua- my favorite color!) and a white rope necklace with a heart and dolphin charm on it.So cute! And we spent the rest of the night jamming out to Guitar Hero which is a game for the XBox 360- my newest addiction!

Last night, Shaylee's dresser finally arrived! I haven't taken it out of the package yet since I was so tired and it didn't arrive till 8:30pm! I didn't even know they made deliveries so late.

Nils has a meeting with a lawyer today to discuss whether he has a case or can ask for a settlement of some sort regarding his hand. Since the doctor told him to leave the dressing on it, we have no idea what it looks like right now. Nils is in pain still, but seems to be managing it a bit better- I think he's gotten used to feeling uncomfortable. So I will see tonight how that goes.

Work sucks. As usually. I had about 400 accounts and even after putting a full day of work in (and yes, I work thru my lunch hour and the only breaks I take are to go to the restroom or heat up my food) and when I left there was still way over 300. Sigh. Its so overwhelming but I am the only one who really knows how to do it. I am caught up to the point where I absolutely have to be, but it is discouraging to refresh the page and have it look like I did nothing. Looks like I will be putting in some more overtime, working from home. Tonight is Tuesday and all my favorite TV shows don't come on until tomorrow and Thursday so tonight would be the night to try to bring that number down. Well, thats all for now, gotta go to work! Maybe more tonight, if I get a chance.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nils' Finger Update

With the holiday, I had forgotten to post regarding Nils last checkup on his finger yesterday. Turns out even though he cleaned it and cleaned it, the finger has become infected. The doctor had to cut out the infected tissue which included most of the fleshy pad of the finger and get this- cut away part of the bone. Yup, they actually trimmed the bone like it was a freaking rose stem! The doctor said he found more metal shavings while he was cleaning it which means even when the first doctor cleaned and stitched him up, they still missed some of the metal shavings with are abundant in his line of work. I have no idea what this finger is going to look like. Even thought they performed a nerve block prior to the cleaning and cutting, Nils said he couldn't look. I can't blame him. I got a iron strong stomach but I couldn't watch a doctor perform that! So he's been less than happy and neither have I, at least regarding his hand.

Oh yeah, and Shaylee's mirror and nightstand came on Friday too. I was pissed that the dresser wasn't included in the shipment. They tried to give me some lame excuse about the wrong zip code which is bull since all three pieces of furniture were on one order and there wasn't a problem getting two of three of the pieces. Oh well, they look great and the dresser is said to be delivered on Monday.

Pancake Breakfast and Fresh Market Dinner

We started our day with a pancake breakfast at the community center which is two roads over from our house. It was a $3 per person charge and pretty tasty. I missed what the occasion was, but they had children with down syndrome performing some cheerleading moves and had a couple little tables set up with information about summer camp there and the Special Olympics so I am assuming the money goes towards some special needs charity. Then we went to Chef's Warehouse. I have seen lots of their commercials and have been wanting to check it out. Well, unless I own a restaurant or want to pay more, it wasn't what I expected. So we went to Fresh Market which is a really good gourmet marketplace. We bought some Japanese bread crumbs called Panko and some Key West Mojo dressing. For dinner I made fried Coconut Crusted Chicken strips with fried plantains using the panko and sweetened shredded coconut and the Key West Mojo dressing as a marinade for the chicken and as a dipping sauce. They came out awesome!!! So today was pretty good...I can sit back with the latest copy of Food and Wine and Wine Spectator magazines and the last of the riesling white wine...and dread about cleaning the mess I created in my kitchen tomorrow! LOL!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth Of July 2007!

Nils and I had a good time with Shaylee today. We went to Target this morning to buy Shaylee her first real pair of walking shoes and a new "snuggle" (AKA very soft blanket- just like the ones her Aunt Sara got her for Christmas only in pink since she can't seem to fall asleep without it and we don't know what we would do if something happened to the original Snuggle!).Size 4- big girl! Then we went to Three Oaks park and caught all the floats and decorated vehicles from the parade coming in. Shaylee got really excited over the fire engines. We walked around and looked at the different vendor booths and got a strawberry snow cone. We even let Shaylee out of the stroller in a big grassy area they had in front of the stage where the live music was and she shook her little butt to it. The singers on stage kept smiling and pointing at her and one woman backup singer even shouted out "She is sooo cute!" A couple people in the audience even took pictures of her with their cell phones. Yup, I know. My kid is adorable!! After about an hour or so, it begun to drizzle so we left to avoid a down pour and then decided to risk the chance of getting wet and check out the new MetroPC store since I need a more reliable carrier. Nils and I walked out with a new cell phone and cell phone case each. I got pink and Nils got black. Too cute. Mine was a little more expensive because it has a camera on it. So we got new toys!