Friday, June 29, 2007

Nils' Finger Injury ***PRETTY GROSS PICS***

I know, I know, they are kinda gross but not compared to what they looked like when it actually occured. These were taken 6/24 so there was some time for healing.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dentist and Nils' Last Dr Appt Update

Okay- first things first. My dentist appointment was okay. Had some x-rays done and the dentist determined that I need 8 resin/composite fillings, 2 root canals, 3 wisdom teeth extractions, and 1 porcelain crown. He also said I need a full mouth debridement and antibacterial irrigation- in other words a super duper cleaning. My insurance, unfortuantely, only covers a portion of the crown. Once I get everything taken care of then my insurance will cover more which is pretty stupid, but oh well. The fillings, the crown, and the cleaning is already a grand total fo $2003.47. I have no idea what the root canals and extractions will be since I have to see an endodontics dentist and oral surgeon. I don't have quotes from them yet.

Nils appointment went okay too. The doctor told him not to worry, that the healing is looking normal. The biggest concern is infection right now and to keep it clean which Nils has been very good about doing anyhow.

Work pretty much sucks right now. I got a company laptop so I can do overtime work at home and catch up so I have been spending some late nights on that thing. Today I finally got down to only 180 accounts that I have to work on out of the original 290 something. In case you don't know me, I work for Comcast in the LNP group (Local Number Portability) for the CDV (Comcast Digital Voice) which is the home phone we offer. My job is to request the telephone numbers from other carriers like Embarq when a customer wants to switch their home phone. I get to put in the request orders to port the numbers to Comcast. Whoo hoo.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Shaylee's Dresser Search

My mom, Shaylee and I went dresser shopping for Shaylee yesterday. We went to about three or four furniture stores but didn't really find what we were looking for. I want a long dresser, not those tall chest and in white from a quality store- not like the $40 piece of crap she has now from Walmart. Everything we found was really fancy with carvings of ribbons and flowers which she will outgrow in like, three years, or were not white and really modern and too mature looking. So we decided that we will get her a fairly inexpensive one and work on the nicer quality set when she gets a little older. I found a complete set on both Sear and Target's sites that are much nicer than the Walmart one, and not nearly as expensive as the ones in Rooms To Go and the other furniture stores we looked in. The whole set of the long dresser, a nightstand, matching mirror, desk and chair was the same price as just one of the Rooms To Go dressers that we said would work, we just were not crazy about. So I am gonna show them to my mom and grandma when I go to pick up Shaylee and we will make a decision from there. Its convenient that Nils is off work right now, at least we know someone is able to be home when they deliver.

Doesn't Look Like It Is Healing...

Nils' hand is still not looking good. When he saw the doctor when it happened they sutured the wound closed. Now it keeps splitting on the top. Like the skin isn't healing and is tearing more. He is very good at making sure to keep it clean and change the bandages as instructed but it still isn't looking like it is healing. We took some photos of it last night to document it's healing or how it isn't. This way when we present our case we have some documentation of it, since we didn't think to take any pictures when it first happened.

Anyhow, I got a dentist consultation appointment this morning. It's the first time I have seen a doctor since I was about 12, and I will be 26 in January. Needless to say I got cavities like crazy and three of my teeth are chipped. I have no idea what he's gonna say needs to be done. Thank goodness I have dental insurance because I am sure it will not be cheap to get it all done.I will update y'all tonight.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Nils Just Can't Catch a Break

Nils had an appointment with a doctor on Wednesday so he drove me to work and picked me up afterward. Unfortunately the woman from the Workmen's Comp office scheduled him with the wrong type of doctor. So he drove me all the way to work which is about 32 miles in one direction from the house to have to go another 15 miles for nothing.And the worse part is because he had to drive himself because I couldn't miss anymore work, he could not take his pain killers because they say you should not operate a vehicle while on them. So he spent almost all day without anything to relieve the extreme pain he is in.

 He finally got an appointment with the correct type of doctor yesterday who checked his hand. He is concerned because part of the middle finger's skin is dark- kinda blackish. Like a bruise but he is concern it could be dead or dying flesh. We have to change the bandage daily so last night I got to see how the wounds were looking. Not pretty. Nils is afraid of that darkish skin. He is afraid he may lose part of his finger. The other concern is that the fracture of that finger is the very very tip and there is concern he may get a bone infection. He is talking to his boss about possibly getting a lawyer. Especially if he loses that finger. There is no reason why Workman's Comp should have advised him to leave the emergency room he was originally at to send him on a wild goose chase for the sake of paperwork. That time he spent trying to find a doctor that would accept the Workman's Comp insurance, he could have at least had it cleaned to prevent infection.

Lets face it, an injury that occurs on a dirty saw should not have been left untreated for 3 1/2 hours where infection could have set in. Sigh. This really really sucks. I feel so bad for him. He has been sleeping on the couch every night so that he can elevate his hand which helps relieve the pain enough for him to be able to fall asleep.I wish I could just take the pain away for even a little bit. Every time I look over at him he looks so miserable.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nils Almost Loses His Fingers

What a day yesterday was.

Shaylee had her one year physical with Dr Tony. He said everything looks great, we can start her on whole milk now (thank goodness, no more pricey formula!), she is just under 23 pounds and he even said I am doing a fantastic job as a mother. Yippy!

After her appointment, I went to work. Normally I am scheduled to be there at 8 am, I didnt get done with her appointment and get there till 10. No big deal though since I dont take a lunch so I got overtime to play with. Then around 3 pm, our roommate Steve calls me and tells me that Nils is going to the hospital- he got hurt at work, but he didnt know the details. Nils called me shortly after he got the the walkin clinic in Marco Island and told me they needed him to go to another office, something to do with Workman's Comp.

So his job partner dropped him off at my work around 4. I got permission to leave and we went to the clinic they told him to go. When we get there they tell us that they cant reach anyone at Nils' office since it is after hours so they cant get the authorization to treat him and send us to another hospital emergency room.

We get there and wait and wait and wait.
When we finally get him seen they take x-rays. His middle finger on his left hand is not only broken but they have to reattach the fleshy finger pad back on. His pointer finger on that same hand is ripped apart as well. The biggest concern is the middle finger. He has to go see a hand specialist to make sure it is healing properly. And the doctor informed us that he may lose that part of his finger- it may slough off so his middle finger may be somewhat deformed.
We made it back home after 9pm. Poor Nils had to sleep on the couch because the pain kept him up and he didnt want to disturb me or Shaylee (who slept with me since we had to wake her when we finally got out of the hospital- my mom was watching her).
Its so irrating that he got injured around 3 and wasnt even treated for his injuries till almost 6:30pm. But he is okay. He has antibodies and pain killers and even though they really do nothing more then dull it a bit, he still has the fingers. More and more I am wishing he would find a less dangerous career (he installs hurricane shutters- the injury was caused by cutting metal with an electric saw of some sort- he has already almost severed his thumb off on the same hand a couple years back with the same tool!) Too bad there isnt a comfy desk job out there that pays the same as what he is doing now!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day 2007

For Father's Day this year, I took Shaylee with me to the Bad Ass Coffee shop and bought Nils his favorite flavored iced coffee and small sample pack of their Vanilla Macnut ground coffee then went home and made cinnamon rolls while he slept in. He opened his cards from Shaylee and I and spent the day relaxing and playing video games.

We had dinner at my parents as they have returned from a big fishing trip to the keys and my dad had a bunch of fillets from a huge mahi-mahi he caught (I am gonna try to get a copy of this thing- it had to weigh close to 40 lbs- check back soon!). He also prepared some blackfin tuna sushi style where it was seasoned and flash pan fried. So yummy! It was a quite Father's Day- unlike last year which was spent in the hospital as I was giving birth to Shaylee! Thats right- she is a Father's Day baby- which makes her forever a Daddy's Girl.

1st Birthday- Great Success!

I am so glad the party was a success! I was getting really nervous because the weather report called for a 60% chance of thunderstorms and anyone who lives in Florida knows that during the summer around 2 pm we get rain- its a given. Anyhow, all I could keep saying was "it figures, I plan a birthday party to be held outside and its gonna pou tely gonna get one again next year. Everyone thought the cake came out perfect. Shaylee was pretty dainty when it came to the cake- I was so expecting her to dig right in but she preferred to dip her little finger in the frosting and grab a little chunk of cake. She still managed to get her face completely covered in very blue frosting- it even stained her skin a little but the chlorine from the pool helped remove it. Everyone had bright blue tongues too.

She got a lot of really cute clothes and toys including a singing Elmo, a ride on Winnie the Pooh train, and all the Backyardigan TY Beanie Babies. I was even surprised to see that my dad went out and bought a dolphin stuffed animal on his fishing trip to the Keys. The reason I was so surprised is that my father has never gone out and bought a toy for anyone on his own- its usually my mother than did any shopping for anyone's kids. So you can see how crazy he is about her! So we named the dolphin "Marathon" after the island in the Keys where it was purchased. Shaylee knows exactly who Marathon is too- you tell her to go get Marathon and she goes and grabs her stuffed dolphin.

Nils did all the barbecueing and nothing got burned! LOL! We had to laugh when it came time to packing everything us as we totally forgot to bring out the tomatoes, lettuce, or onions! Whoops!
All in all the party was a blast and went just as we wanted it to and even though it was a bit stressful getting it all together the night before, I can't till her 2nd birthday!!!
Keep checking back as I will be posting more pics as soon as I get 'em all together! But here is one for now of Shaylee and I in the only pic I could keep her birthday hat on and another of Nils helping her ride on her Winnie the Pooh train.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Whew! What a Mother goes thru to plan a Party

After a pretty long day at work my night has been pretty busy as well!

◦Get off at 5pm and fight traffic in a downpour to go straight to the house to pick up Nils and we go grocery shopping for the food for Shaylee's first birthday party.
◦We spend $83 on hamburger patties, hotdogs, chips, soda, and buns. Walk out with a lighter wallet by 6:30pm.
◦Then we dropped it all off at my grandmother's where the party is being held, hung out and ordered a pizza for dinner, and then went home baby free (my mom is watching her overnight so we can get things ready and relax) to bake her Pablo cake and the cupcakes for the guest
◦On the ride home, mentally tallying the total cost of this event in my head. Alarmed my the calculation and proceed to take my mind off of it by immediately getting to work on making the cake batter and the custom blue frosting for the Pablo cake. Go thru an entire jar of Sky blue gel food coloring and most of the Blue liquid food coloring and frustrated, decide the blue will not get as dark as in the recipe photo and decide to settle for my result.
◦Then I realized that I forgot to pick up white frosting and I drive to Publix to pick some up only to find that it is 9 pm and their store is closed.
◦Drive back home. I think it took me a good 2 and a half hours or so to finish the baking and decorating. I decided that I really didn't need the frosting and after tearing apart the kitchen, find a subsitute.
◦Painstakingly apply a large star sprinkle to each cupcake.
◦Finished project looks awesome! Will post pics later.
◦After all that there is a bunch of dirty dishes in the sink now that I am too damn tired to wash tonight and I have threatened to kill anyone that messes up the cake (joking of course!).

◦Get straight to work stuffing goodie bags for the guest, wrapping a couple gifts for Shaylee, and making sure everything I need to decorate including the bubble machine, mini helium tank for the multicolored balloons, and the placesettings are all together to be loaded up tomorrow.
◦Finally by 12:45 get to sit back and relax with a glass of white wine and frozen Musketeer bar and post this blog (okay, it was actually the second glass by this point- I forgot I was already drinking the first glass when I was wrapping Shaylee's Backyardigan beach towel and toddler sunglasses when a cockroach ran out from under the tissue paper and freaked me out- convinced our buddy Mark to step on it since he had shoes on)

◦1pm- finally get to bed (normal bedtime usually 11 pm)

I post this because I am amazed how much went into my little girls first birthday..and knowing here is a whole life time of birthday parties for her ahead!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shaylee's 1st Birthday Party Planning

My beautiful little girl is going to be a year old! Her actual birthday is June 18th but that falls on a Monday this year, and Father's Day is the Sunday before so we decided to have her party on the Saturday before which is June 16th.

The theme is Backyardigan's Pool Party and will be held at my grandmother's house since she has a pool. Its gonna be so cute! I had custom invitations made and am gonna make cupcakes for the guest and a Pablo cake for Shaylee to destroy (photo opp!) Backyardigans is one of Shaylee's favorite shows as it centers around music and she is all about dancing (we are so gonna put her in dance instruction as soon as she is old enough!) Below is what the cake is suppose to look like. Of course I will be posting pics afterwards of my creations!