Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Weeks Prego- Baby Bump Pic!

10 weeks pregnant! Time flies by when you are able to count up to how far along you are rather than counting down to your due date...not really sure why that is.

Anyhow, the cravings have changes since early in my pregnancy...before it was cheese, olives, and my Odwalla Green Goodness drinks. Now its red meat! Steak! Medium rare! Love it! I also still love my cheese but I don't actively seek it out, if its there and its available, I will eat it.

The morning sickness still rears its ugly head at all hours of the day, more so when I haven't eaten or am overly stressed or hot. Still no vomiting though so we are doing good!

Other changes this week are that I had to completely make over my wardrobe- everything that doesn't fit, is border line not fitting, or will obviously not fit in the next 7+ months was carefully packed up into two large aqua blue storage tubs. I had to buy all new underwear. Thankfully my bras still fit....for now!

 Oddly enough, another change I have experienced is that my skin has broken out a little bit along my hairline and I got a few little bumps here and there on my back and cleavage- not really like pimples, just little bumps. Weird.

 My wonderful husband had been treating me like a queen this entire pregnancy so far, including purchasing my entire maternity wardrobe and my $52 Boppy Total Body Maternity Pillow (which I love, love, love!) and taking great care to help me whenever he can whether it be to cook my dinner (I cannot stomach the smell of browning beef), refill my beverage, make sure I have cold orange juices in the fridge,cleaning the litterbox since I should not be doing it myself, and help with Shaylee. I do not remember being quite so nauseous or tired when I was pregnant with Shaylee so the help is definitely appreciated! He's the best! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9 Weeks Prego- First Belly Photo

I cannot believe how much further along I look, can you believe I am only 9 weeks! I guess having that extra weight around my mid-section got pushed out even further, LOL! Anyhow, I am definitely feeling pregnant- as in all day long queasiness that even eating small and frequent meals can't help with! I haven't actually gotten sick and vomited but man, oh, man, the queasiness never leaves me. I had read that morning sickness was your body's way of telling you that everything is going okay (it has something to do with hormones) and I was saying I almost wish I had some morning sickness, especially in the very beginning, just so I knew things were working as nature intended and that I would have some "sign" that I was prego other than just a positive pregnancy test. Boy, what was I thinking?! Anyhow, as icky as I might feel, I am so happy to be going through it all! I am relieved to have a ultrasound photo that shows a baby growing right on target and an unmistakable baby bump! I had put off taking baby bump photos before since it was still a little hard to tell what might be baby bump and what was actually just fat, but now I hope to take one every week, every other week at least!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our First Prenatal Appointment and Preschool Tours

First and foremost- good news! No twins! LOL! Only one precious little gummy bear in there!
Had my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound this morning with Dr Campbell. So far everything looks good, I am definitely 8 weeks prego. Baby and my uterus both measuring perfect, my blood pressure is perfect, and Baby K's heart rate is strong at 164 bpm. And I weighed in at 156 lbs even, not too bad although Dr Campbell said my body mass index is a bit higher than it should be so I should be careful not to gain more than 15-20 lbs throughout my entire pregnancy. Guess I better dust off my treadmill and dig out my prenatal workout DVDs!

 After doing some homework on my own leading up to my appointment, I researched several prescription prenatal vitamins and hope that the one I requested and had Dr Campbell write me a prescription for will not make me too nauseous. I chose Citranatal 90 DHA because it has calcium, DHA, iron, and folic acid in one. I even got a goodie bag from the doctor's office that had a hardbound pregnancy  planner; an issue each of "Conceive", "Pregnancy", and "American Baby" magazines; a "For the Expectant Mother" booklet with 53 pages of helpful pregnancy information; brochures; and a roll up travel bag from Similac formula with four 2oz ready to feed bottles of Similac Advance EarlyShield formula. Pretty sweet deal!

Shaylee got a special surprise today too, as she got to come along to be one of the first to see a glimpse of her new brother or sister. A children's book called "Baby on the Way"- an informative and helpful book for young siblings-to-be."Baby on the Way" speaks to every child expecting a new brother or sister, guiding him or her through the waiting process with concise, simple, and reassuring text and warm and lively illustrations. It explains things like how pregnant mommies are very hungry, tired, how they get nauseous, and what to expect once the baby is actually here in a way that a child Shaylee's age can understand. We agreed to include Shaylee in as much as we possibly can throughout this entire pregnancy to help her feel important, special, and most importantly, her role as the big sister.

After our doctor's appointment and a bite to eat at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, we visited two local preschools for Shaylee- 'Kinderworld Academy' and 'Aloha Angels Children's Center'. Both were prices the same so our final decision on which we would place Shaylee this August depended on the actual center itself. Shaylee of course was quick to point out the playgrounds while we took care into looking at the cleanliness of the surroundings, the curriculum, and security as well as whether or not the playground offered shaded areas since the Florida sunshine can be torturous during the day. I liked how Kinderworld was on a quieter, less traffic road but preferred Aloha Angel's location as far as convenience of being on the to work. Kinderworld is more intimate in its surroundings and the rooms are quite small, but Aloha Angels appeared cleaner, more stimulating, and spacious.

I think we have decided on which we would like to enroll her in, but we are also weighing the pros and cons into whether or not I would return to work based on the cost of wrap around care for Shaylee at the preschool and what we pay my grandmother to watch Baby K. For the first three hours or so, the preschool program is free. Wrap around care refers to the remaining time Shaylee would remain at the center until I got off of work at 5pm. We figure we have a few weeks to make a decision before we need to get her enrolled in time to reserve her a spot in whichever we choose.

It was quite an adventurous day for us all as we got a sneak peek into the various things that will be occurring in our near futures!