Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Shaylee!

This year I wanted to stray away from yet another pool party for Shaylee's birthday. I wanted to do something that adults and kids alike could have a good time, and remembered how much fun we all had when we went bowling. A bowling party! Perfect!

I made reservations at Gator Lanes in Ft Myers, our local bowling alley and decided to carry out the "gator" and bowling theme throughout the party. I custom made Shaylee's cake topper. It was a polymer clay alligator holding a bowling ball. I think I did a really awesome job! I even used the same colors throughout the invitations, party supplies (table cloths, balloons, paper plates, etc.) not only for the cake topper but also in the cake frosting! Since they dim the lights a bit, I purchased glow-sticks necklaces as party favors. It all came together so well.

Since my daughter is a fan of Build-A-Bear, I had an alligator stuffed animal made up in birthday celebration gear as a party centerpiece and ultimately one of Shaylee's gifts. We invited family and Nils' supervisor, who's daughter Haylee was just about a year or so younger than Shaylee. Everyone had a great time. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the service we received at Gator Lanes, but was thrilled that regardless, the party went well.

Shaylee's main present- her Fisher Price dollhouse
Handcrafted cake topper:

"Alli"- Shaylee's Build-A-Bear alligator and party centerpiece:
Poppa, the next bowling champ:
My mom's first time bowling!
Taylor helps little Haylee bowl:
The birthday girl!
My dad helping Shaylee pick out the perfect ball:
GG gets goofy!

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