Saturday, January 02, 2010

She Just Wanted Pink Roses- Saying Goodbye to Grandma Lisa

Today we said goodbye to my paternal grandmother, Lisa Ann Eugenio. She passed away Monday, December 28th at the age of 72. One of the few requests she had was that there be pink roses, as pink was her favorite color. And indeed there were.

One thing that surprised me was that Shaylee, although young, seemed to understand the concept of death fairly well. When asked what happened to Grandma Lisa, she would tell you that she "was very sick and died". She then would proceed to tell you that "she went to heaven and is an angel now.

At the beginning of the service, the casket was open. Shaylee asked to go see her. My mom, who was holding her at the time, looked to me for the answer and I nodded that it would be okay, although I was quite unsure myself. When my mom took Shaylee up to view her, she said "Bye Grandma Lisa." And that was that. She didn't question why she was in a casket (or box) or why she was "sleeping" which is what I anticipated out of a child her age. Once she was back at her seat, I quietly whispered "when people die, their spirits go to heaven but their bodies stay here and we bury them and put flowers on their graves", just in case the concept was still questionable. She said "oh" and that was that. Out at the actual grave site, we all said the Lord's Prayer and placed a pink rose on the casket. To my relief, everyone, although teary eyed, seemed to hold their composure well. It was a relief to all to know that she was at peace now.

After the service, we all went to my Aunt Debbie's house for fellowship. We ate, drank, and socialized. Shaylee entertained everyone by performing a dance routine she made up in the living room and everyone commented on how she should take dance. Even though the day was a sad one, it went along smoothly and well.

Rest in Peace Grandma Lisa.

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