Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Weeks Prego- Baby Bump Pic!

10 weeks pregnant! Time flies by when you are able to count up to how far along you are rather than counting down to your due date...not really sure why that is.

Anyhow, the cravings have changes since early in my pregnancy...before it was cheese, olives, and my Odwalla Green Goodness drinks. Now its red meat! Steak! Medium rare! Love it! I also still love my cheese but I don't actively seek it out, if its there and its available, I will eat it.

The morning sickness still rears its ugly head at all hours of the day, more so when I haven't eaten or am overly stressed or hot. Still no vomiting though so we are doing good!

Other changes this week are that I had to completely make over my wardrobe- everything that doesn't fit, is border line not fitting, or will obviously not fit in the next 7+ months was carefully packed up into two large aqua blue storage tubs. I had to buy all new underwear. Thankfully my bras still fit....for now!

 Oddly enough, another change I have experienced is that my skin has broken out a little bit along my hairline and I got a few little bumps here and there on my back and cleavage- not really like pimples, just little bumps. Weird.

 My wonderful husband had been treating me like a queen this entire pregnancy so far, including purchasing my entire maternity wardrobe and my $52 Boppy Total Body Maternity Pillow (which I love, love, love!) and taking great care to help me whenever he can whether it be to cook my dinner (I cannot stomach the smell of browning beef), refill my beverage, make sure I have cold orange juices in the fridge,cleaning the litterbox since I should not be doing it myself, and help with Shaylee. I do not remember being quite so nauseous or tired when I was pregnant with Shaylee so the help is definitely appreciated! He's the best! :)

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