Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sleep Specialist Needed!

Its for sure- Shaylee needs a sleep specialist...she just tried to sleepwalk out of the house and pee on the bench in the living room...she had her eyes open but completely clueless as to where she was...I want to cry..its getting too weird....

She just walked into the livingroom and dropped her pants and started to try to sit on the bench like it was the I lead her to the bathroom and she kept whining as she walked into her room and in circles while stripping down to her underwear....finally got her on the potty and then she continued to walk in circles in the living room before taking my seat and going back to sleep. Her sleep habits are getting worse and worse....she wakes up crying every night and says she doesn't want to sleep because she is afraid of having bad dreams. When I last looked into the sleep specialist, out of the list of traits that would require one, she is showing more and more of the signs. I have to bring her in....its getting worse and I don't think I can handle having her disruptive sleep pattern and a newborn at the same time. Nils is a big help but he can sleep right thru the crying...I can't. I need to find out the cause of the issue and go from there depending on what they suggest. If its something we are doing or if she has an underlaying medical condition like sleep apnea or something like that.

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