Saturday, May 09, 2009


I got my Mother's Day gifts from Nils and Shaylee last night since Nils has to work Sunday and could not wait for me to open them. After they picked me up from work, Nils handed me my cars and then reached into the center console of the car to present me with a Brad Paisley CD and a flash drive for school. I was quite pleased with the CD, as I do not normally buy CDs for myself and with my recent country kick, it was nice to get a new CD with some of the songs I have enjoyed on the radio. I thanked him and was happy with what I had. But Nils is sneaky sometimes. He had me open the top of the center console of the car and inside I found a white jewelry box. There is more?!

I opened it to find a beautiful certified freshwater pearl necklace, ring, and earring set!!! I had been mentioning it to Nils for a little while that I would really like to get a pearl necklace someday and had my eye on the ones that were a single pearl on a thin silver or white gold chain, not the typical pearl stands. And that's what I got! He remembered and I have to say, he has got excellent taste! He picked this set out all by himself.... well, with a little help from the jeweler, LOL. I was DEFINITELY not expecting this! And a whole set?! Plus he is paying to get my nails done (I found a place that is much cheaper to have them filled and I would really like to have pretty nails instead of these short, stubby ones when I flash my new ring off to everyone, LOL).

So my Mother's Day was 100% better than I could have even hoped for, and totally a surprise. Based on the past couple of years I knew that I would get card, Nils never forgets to get one, and maybe a little something. I totally thought he was going to get me the last paperback in the Shopoholic series I read since I do not have it yet, and this was all way more than I was expecting- a card, a real pearl jewelry set, a CD, a flash drive for my computer for school, dinner and my nails done....I am going to have to do some planning to make his Father's Day as great as my Mother's Day has been!


Neabear said...

My son is making me proud here. Happy Mother's Day to you. And to your mother and your grandmother.

Archer said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! I'm glad that Nils was able to surprise you like that! I hope that you have a wonderful day!