Thursday, May 07, 2009

My First Day of School

My first class for school yesterday started off kinda rocky.

The summer semester is not a very popular semester I guess because my MAT 9012 class on Wednesday was moved to another building. We were notified by email that that the room had changed and I was really feeling on top if of things- armed with my campus map, text book, binder and assortment of highlighters and page flags to mark parts in the textbooks that were going to be on the test, needed review, etc. So when I got there, after sitting in traffic due to road construction, I found parking with ease and had plenty of time before class to leisurely walk across our beautiful campus. Since I had permission to leave work at 4:30, I had plenty of time since my class didn't start till 5:30. Good thing too, considering the parking lot I turned into was on the complete opposite side of the campus.

I found my building but was surprised to see that the doors to get in were locked. No biggie, I thought, I will try another- except all doors leading in were the same. I was still early so I stood and waited, maybe we were the only class that was using the building and maybe the professor was not here yet, being how it was so early. By the time 5:15 rolled around and a collection of my classmates joined me outside the building, we knew something was wrong. I tried to call to the registration counter to see if they knew if the doors had been accidently locked or something but after being transfered four times and then left with the public student safety voice mail, I gave up.

It was only when we were down to 5 minutes before class started that one of my classmates pulled out his laptop and found that they moved our class...again. So the ten of us- me and another girl in three inch heels having come straight from work- started running across campus. The class was upstairs so we took them two at a time. We all made it into class with two minutes to spare but our instructor, Mr Shawn Taylor, was very understanding. I even was still able to get a first row seat like I wanted. I was sweating my butt off and feeling frazzled but I had arrived at my destination and class itself was fine.

Oh, and the really messed up thing was that my parking spot was right directly in front of this new building. Had there not had been another class change and had it not been on the second floor, I would have been parked right outside our classroom window!!!

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Neabear said...

Oh the craziness of school! I could share few stories about when I was going for my OTA degree.