Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9 Weeks Prego- First Belly Photo

I cannot believe how much further along I look, can you believe I am only 9 weeks! I guess having that extra weight around my mid-section got pushed out even further, LOL! Anyhow, I am definitely feeling pregnant- as in all day long queasiness that even eating small and frequent meals can't help with! I haven't actually gotten sick and vomited but man, oh, man, the queasiness never leaves me. I had read that morning sickness was your body's way of telling you that everything is going okay (it has something to do with hormones) and I was saying I almost wish I had some morning sickness, especially in the very beginning, just so I knew things were working as nature intended and that I would have some "sign" that I was prego other than just a positive pregnancy test. Boy, what was I thinking?! Anyhow, as icky as I might feel, I am so happy to be going through it all! I am relieved to have a ultrasound photo that shows a baby growing right on target and an unmistakable baby bump! I had put off taking baby bump photos before since it was still a little hard to tell what might be baby bump and what was actually just fat, but now I hope to take one every week, every other week at least!

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Sara Elizabeth said...

Congrats! I had actually always heard that morning sickness was our bodies literally attacking a foreign 'object'. A teacher told me that once. Anyway, congrats and you look BEAUTIFUL!