Saturday, November 13, 2010

Contractions Have Begun! Off to the Hospital!

11:00 pm 11/12
So I finished the castor oil shake at 7pm last night....and the contractions have begun (I don't think the shake had anything to do with jump starting the contractions...Nils and I, uh, did something else that is said to induce baby got in there is how baby is gonna get out, LOL!)  The contractions are about 3 to 5 minutes apart, my water still has not broken, but we are contemplating whether we should go now, or wait it out a bit longer.

12:02 am 11/13
Called doctor to see whether or not we should go. The doctor said its a very very busy night so traige is going to be full (is it a full moon? Everyone is having their babies tonight!) but since the contractions are so close, and its my second baby (which are said to come quicker than the first) we should get down there. The worse they can tell me after examination is that I have time and send me home.

12:26 am 11/13
Off to the hospital. Have to drop Shaylee off at my parents' house first. Looks like Kaylyn might be born today!

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