Saturday, August 18, 2007


Finally got Shaylee's dresser to replace the one we ordered before but arrived broken. So today is assemble dresser day. I haven't even opened the dresser box, so hopefully it will have arrived in one piece. If it is broken, again, my mom and I have agreed to send it back, again, and shop some where other than Sears- perhaps some where where we can buy it already assembled. I am really, really hoping that isn't the case, since I already have purchased and assembled the matching nightstand and mirror! I want it all matchy-matchy! So we shall see. Pray you will not read another Poking the Bear with a Cold entry here! LOL!

Also, my order from ABC came in. I got some dachshund pjs (my favorite breed of dog), a cupcake tier carrier (to transport my famous cupcakes to and from, holds 3 dozen!), a 500 cupcake recipe book (even though about half the book if muffin recipes, not cupcakes), a Precious Moments June doll (its blond like Shaylee, and its dress perfectly matches the rosebud print on the crib bedding, and she is holding a seashell, how perfect is that!), my Kitchen Fairy figurine- this one titled Cupcake Sweetie Fairy since it is a little fairy perched on top of - you guessed it!- a cupcake!, both of Shaylee's shelves for her room came in also, as well as my checkbook calculator. So its been kinda like Christmas for me here! LOL!
As soon as I get Shaylee's room all done up and complete with her new furniture, I will post pics. Her room already looks fit for a princess but after brand new furniture, it will be fit for a queen!

EDIT: The dresser was in perfect condition and looks great! I am finishing the finally touches in her room and should have some pictures by the end of this week hopefully!

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