Saturday, August 18, 2007

Please Pass the Tissues

Oh poo. We all have colds. Nils, Shaylee and I all have runny noses. Nils and I have sore throats too. Mine isn't too bad, and I am sooooo glad I had my tonsils removed so I don't have to worry about another scary episode of swollen glands and having to go to the emergency room because my throat is closing up. In case you don't know me that well, starting in December of last year I had a really bad time with my throat. It started off as a sore throat that was a little swollen. Well, a little swollen became more and more swollen so I went to a doctor who said my throat was infected and prescribed me some antibiotics. Unfortunately I turned out to be allergic to them and they made me break out into itchy hives, watery eyes, and yup- you guessed it, made my throat swell up even more. So I had to go to the emergency room again, now for an allergic reaction, something I had never experienced before. Some time goes by of staying home from work since now I am drained of energy and my throat is still swollen and painful. I have another couple trips to the emergency room, these times because at night my throat swelled even more making it where I had problems breathing and I was afraid if I went to sleep, I might not wake up. Turns out I had infected tonsils. They had to insert a huge gauge needle into my tonsils to drain some pretty nasty stuff. I had a MRI done to see just how bad they were and was referred to a specialist who still to this day has my MRI scan proudly displayed in his office, since I am his and his partners first case in over 16 years that they saw my situation in both tonsils and the degree of how bad it was. In March, after the infection was gone, I had my tonsils removed to avoid something like this from happening again. All in all I had about 5 trips to the emergency room for the actual swelling and 1 for the allergic reaction.

Shaylee is doing pretty good for having a cold. She doesn't any more fussy than usual (which is usually only at night when she starts getting tired). So we are all on cold meds to beat this together so hopefully this cold will leave as quickly as it arrived.

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