Sunday, November 09, 2008

Shaylee Goes Bowling!

Yesterday after Shaylee's Kindermusik class, Nils and I took her bowling for the very first time. I had received some free game passes during my company's Wellness Fair. The girl that worked that counter could not get over how cute Shaylee was and ended up renting out the bowling shoes to us for free when we would have normally had to pay for them. Shaylee did really well! She could not wait to get out and roll the ball. I had to laugh how she put her hand on her hip after each roll, like she was an old pro. The girl set it up so that during Shaylee's turn, the lane gutters went up but went back down when it was Nils or my turn. We bowled okay, it has been a long time for us too! And it was a blast and everyone just thought she was the cutest! After bowling, Nils took us to lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries which is well known as the best burgers in town. I LOVE their fries! When we had finished eating, we went to pick up our pottery that we painted at Get Your Paint on. They came out so good! The woman that ran the place said a lot of people complimented on my jar. We finished our day with a quick run to the vet's to pick up a copy of our dachshund's vaccination records since they are required for today's Temperament Testing with PAWS Ministry, a therapy dog group (more on that on his own blog, link to the right). It was a perfect family day out and Shaylee did really well- she participated in Kindermusik class, was good about taking turns and following directions at the bowling alley, ate her lunch at Five Guys, and took a decent nap in the car on the way to and from the pottery and vaccination record pick up.

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Neabear said...

A fun family day for you! I am so glad you guys take the time for fun as a family. That is so awesome. I love how your painted projects turned out. So you got to use the shoes for free!?! How lucky can you get?