Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween this year, since Nils and I were both off work and had Shaylee all day, we decided to make some Halloween decorated cupcakes. I had purchased Halloween themed cupcake liners- they were purple with little ghost and candy corn patterns on them; Halloween themed sprinkles in purple, orange and black; and marshmallow Peeps ghosts for decoration. I prepared the cupcakes and frosted them and Shaylee helped put the sprinkles and candy corn Hershey kisses on the ones that didn't have the marshmallow Peeps ghost on them.

Later that evening, Shaylee went trick or treating of course! Her first trick or treating! My friend Alicia came with us with the new puppy Bindi, dressed as a female pirate (Bindi, not Alicia, LOL!) but soon had to loose the costume since the sleeves were too long on her and she kept tripping over them. Cayman, my longhair miniature dachshund puppy, was dressed as a skeleton. And guess what I found in the road? Two twenty dollar bills and a one dollar bill! I found $41 trick or treating! I would have tried to find who loss it but with so many kids around, it could have been anyone.

Shaylee did soooo good with the trick or treating. She was happily yelling out "Happy Halloween" like as if she was in a parade or something, LOL! She can be such a ham! She remembered to say thank you after getting her treats and made out pretty well. Since she was getting tired from the walking, we didn't hit up as many houses as I thought but she still got a pail full. She may have retired from trick or treating, but was not too tired to help pass out candy with Poppa to the few strangler trick or treaters we had up to about 10:30 last night! She didn't crash until almost 11 pm! She can be such a party girl, LOL!

Bindi- dresses as a pirate

Mommy and Shaylee checking out the goods in our PJs!

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Neabear said...

What a fun day you guys had yesterday! Looks like Shaylee was having a blast. I am surprised she stayed up so late. It has been fun to see more of what you guys have been up to lately. Have a great Saturday too!