Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010- Day 2

I finally finished my baby registry at Babies R Us! I decided to use it as my only registry (you might remember reading my post about since the other was a little bit more difficult for people to buy from (too many "this is what you have to do" rules). Plus everyone is familiar with Babies R Us! Even those that don't like close to one are able to shop online easily, or find the same items at Toys R Us in some cases.

Anyways, its finally complete! The only thing missing is clothes, since we don't know the gender of Baby K yet. Anyhow, the lady at Babies R Us actually suggested we DIDN'T register for baby clothes only because clothes are seasonal and what we might register for now, or even later, may or may not be available when people start shopping. That and she said clothes show up funny on the registry and are very difficult to read which may prevent some people from trying to buy clothes on the registry anyways. She said the best thing to do is to use any gift cards we receive to buy them, or buy them ourselves. Not a half bad idea, considering I have 10 pages now of other registry goodies! Yikes!

Some MUST HAVES on my registry include:
  • The entire Avent feeding system which includes extra bottle nipples (2 packs of 2 in every stage); the Avent All in One gift set which includes a bottle sterilizer and warmer plus formula/snack cup and bottle brush; BPA free bottles in each size (4 ounces, 9 ounces, and a few 11 ounces); even transition soft spouts and handles that convert the bottles into sippy cups when Baby K gets older (how cool is that, you don't have to buy new cups!); and the Avent BPA free breast milk storage set.
  • The Avent Electric Breast Pump Duo- my most expensive item on the list at around $260, but also at the very, very top of my 'must haves'....I also registered for the car adapter so I can go out to my car, put on some relaxing music and pump on my lunch hour once I return to work after Baby K is born. I learned that it also has a manual hand pump so if there is no power (example- hurricane season) I can still use it (which means I saved about $50 on the manual hand pump one that was also on the registry before I learned this). After owning several different bottle brands with Shaylee, Avent was my favorite as it was not only a good bottle (less leaking, except if pieces weren't inserted correctly of course) but were one of the easiest to clean. And with using only one brand, all the pieces would match up- no more hunting to find the right lid or insert for each cup!
  • Moby wrap (sling)- I have always wanted one of these with Shaylee and see countless of times where having one would save me a lot of headache...and backache too for that matter!
  • Fisher Price Papasan Cradle My Little Lamb swing- I had been eyeing another swing for a while but after spending about 20 minutes in front of the two in the store, reading the boxes and examining the floor models, I decided on this one. I can not, repeat, can NOT be without a swing with a baby- they are lifesavers!
  • Huggies Huggies Huggies! You can NEVER have enough diapers! Or wipes! Plus they have been very generous with sending me coupons, and are available in bulk at Costco's so they are the chosen diaper of choice...and wipes too....for Baby K.
The rest of the items are more 'wants'- things I could live without or hopefully would be able to pick up later on our own. It was lots of fun taking my sweet time walking up and down the aisles, completely lost in my own little world, looking at all the new stuff that's available now that wasn't when Shaylee was a baby, even though it was only about four short years ago. I "oohed" and "awed" at all the tiny baby clothes (especially the baby booties, OMG they are so teeny tiny!) without feeling rushed or being distracted. I called it my 'baby fix' as this early in the pregnancy, other than a slightly expanding stomach each week, there isn't too much else going on- its too early for birthing classes, I can't afford prenatal yoga, and the baby hasn't begun moving- so this was one of the most exciting "happenings" right now.

I am very excited to welcome baby #2 into our lives, I only hope that with all the baby necessities, that there is still going to be room in our house for us!

Baby registry #45187129

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CaryPhil said...

I am not big on Babies R' Us because had an issue with duplicates with them so we ended up going with an instore giggle and a baby registry. Sorry to hear you had trouble with because it's been really good for us ( we added a lot of serena & lilly bedding and gdiapers) Good luck with your shower planning. Sounds like you're more organized than we have been lol :)