Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth Of July 2007!

Nils and I had a good time with Shaylee today. We went to Target this morning to buy Shaylee her first real pair of walking shoes and a new "snuggle" (AKA very soft blanket- just like the ones her Aunt Sara got her for Christmas only in pink since she can't seem to fall asleep without it and we don't know what we would do if something happened to the original Snuggle!).Size 4- big girl! Then we went to Three Oaks park and caught all the floats and decorated vehicles from the parade coming in. Shaylee got really excited over the fire engines. We walked around and looked at the different vendor booths and got a strawberry snow cone. We even let Shaylee out of the stroller in a big grassy area they had in front of the stage where the live music was and she shook her little butt to it. The singers on stage kept smiling and pointing at her and one woman backup singer even shouted out "She is sooo cute!" A couple people in the audience even took pictures of her with their cell phones. Yup, I know. My kid is adorable!! After about an hour or so, it begun to drizzle so we left to avoid a down pour and then decided to risk the chance of getting wet and check out the new MetroPC store since I need a more reliable carrier. Nils and I walked out with a new cell phone and cell phone case each. I got pink and Nils got black. Too cute. Mine was a little more expensive because it has a camera on it. So we got new toys!

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