Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My New Favorite Store!

On Sunday, Nils, Steve, Shaylee and I went and got Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. Shaylee isn't big on it. She doesn't like really cold things. But she did get a kick out of the colorful killer whale, dolphin, sea turtle, starfish, and octopus statures they have there. They are suppose to look life like. I got a picture of her and I "riding" on the dolphin with my camera phone, but it was way too bright outside so it didn't come out. Bummer. Nils and I found a new favorite store there too! Ron Jon Surf Shop. They had tons of stuff there we would have easily walked out with if we had the money! Nils got a shirt, I got a tube top tunic (in white and aqua- my favorite color!) and a white rope necklace with a heart and dolphin charm on it.So cute! And we spent the rest of the night jamming out to Guitar Hero which is a game for the XBox 360- my newest addiction!

Last night, Shaylee's dresser finally arrived! I haven't taken it out of the package yet since I was so tired and it didn't arrive till 8:30pm! I didn't even know they made deliveries so late.

Nils has a meeting with a lawyer today to discuss whether he has a case or can ask for a settlement of some sort regarding his hand. Since the doctor told him to leave the dressing on it, we have no idea what it looks like right now. Nils is in pain still, but seems to be managing it a bit better- I think he's gotten used to feeling uncomfortable. So I will see tonight how that goes.

Work sucks. As usually. I had about 400 accounts and even after putting a full day of work in (and yes, I work thru my lunch hour and the only breaks I take are to go to the restroom or heat up my food) and when I left there was still way over 300. Sigh. Its so overwhelming but I am the only one who really knows how to do it. I am caught up to the point where I absolutely have to be, but it is discouraging to refresh the page and have it look like I did nothing. Looks like I will be putting in some more overtime, working from home. Tonight is Tuesday and all my favorite TV shows don't come on until tomorrow and Thursday so tonight would be the night to try to bring that number down. Well, thats all for now, gotta go to work! Maybe more tonight, if I get a chance.

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