Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pancake Breakfast and Fresh Market Dinner

We started our day with a pancake breakfast at the community center which is two roads over from our house. It was a $3 per person charge and pretty tasty. I missed what the occasion was, but they had children with down syndrome performing some cheerleading moves and had a couple little tables set up with information about summer camp there and the Special Olympics so I am assuming the money goes towards some special needs charity. Then we went to Chef's Warehouse. I have seen lots of their commercials and have been wanting to check it out. Well, unless I own a restaurant or want to pay more, it wasn't what I expected. So we went to Fresh Market which is a really good gourmet marketplace. We bought some Japanese bread crumbs called Panko and some Key West Mojo dressing. For dinner I made fried Coconut Crusted Chicken strips with fried plantains using the panko and sweetened shredded coconut and the Key West Mojo dressing as a marinade for the chicken and as a dipping sauce. They came out awesome!!! So today was pretty good...I can sit back with the latest copy of Food and Wine and Wine Spectator magazines and the last of the riesling white wine...and dread about cleaning the mess I created in my kitchen tomorrow! LOL!

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