Thursday, July 12, 2007

GRR! Poking the BearPoking the bear

That's what Nils calls it when something upsets me. And Sears and/or UPS has poked the bear. The dresser for Shaylee's room came damaged. The top piece has a busted corner and it looks like the trim has started separating. So I was super P.Oed yesterday when I came home from work.
For dinner Nils and I picked up some good ol' comfort food- KFC baby! MMMM.... straight to the hips and thighs one crispy fried chicken strip at a time. The diet is set to start on Monday so that we can get some healthier food up in this house again. And since "Aunt Flo" is here for her monthly visit, there is no way in hell I'd be able to start a diet right now. Yeah, these are probably some good excuses, but they are valid. Well, gotta go to work now- maybe more tonight, if I can get some time in before You Think You Can Dance comes on- my KFC trip last night had me miss 30 minutes of last night's episode- thank God for my DVR!!!

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