Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nils' Finger Update

With the holiday, I had forgotten to post regarding Nils last checkup on his finger yesterday. Turns out even though he cleaned it and cleaned it, the finger has become infected. The doctor had to cut out the infected tissue which included most of the fleshy pad of the finger and get this- cut away part of the bone. Yup, they actually trimmed the bone like it was a freaking rose stem! The doctor said he found more metal shavings while he was cleaning it which means even when the first doctor cleaned and stitched him up, they still missed some of the metal shavings with are abundant in his line of work. I have no idea what this finger is going to look like. Even thought they performed a nerve block prior to the cleaning and cutting, Nils said he couldn't look. I can't blame him. I got a iron strong stomach but I couldn't watch a doctor perform that! So he's been less than happy and neither have I, at least regarding his hand.

Oh yeah, and Shaylee's mirror and nightstand came on Friday too. I was pissed that the dresser wasn't included in the shipment. They tried to give me some lame excuse about the wrong zip code which is bull since all three pieces of furniture were on one order and there wasn't a problem getting two of three of the pieces. Oh well, they look great and the dresser is said to be delivered on Monday.

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