Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blog Makeover- Kinda

Sorry it's been so long. But there is some exciting news- The Laufer Family Blog is getting a makeover! Well kinda of... I am actually trying to make it where everyone in the family gets an update so you can keep up with what's going on in everyone's life. Each family member, including the pets, will get an update. So here's to a fresh start where the whole family is included and hopefully it will encourage me to jump on here more!

Nils is still steadily losing weight following the Weight Watcher program. We both have been cheating quite a bit with the recording our points, but he is making wise decisions on what he eats and drinks. Crystal Light and Nils are good friends- other than when we go out, I don't think he drinks soda anymore. He is still working hard at Comcast, working towards that supervisor position that he wants so badly. Apparently others are taking notice so we are crossing our fingers than when he is qualified to apply, that he will have no problem getting the position.

Just four more weeks of maintence in the Weight Watchers program before I am considered lifetime and can finally stop paying for the membership. All I have to do is maintain my current weight and/or not gain anymore than 2 pounds above that and then I can finally be a lifetime member. Then I can send in my membership book to my insurance company and be reimbursed up to a year's worth of membership fees. I am a bit concerned though, since my employer announced that AvMed, my insurance company, will no longer be an option through Comcast. I have to find out the details of when exactly AvMed is dropped. Hopefully it will not be within the next four weeks because I will be highly disappointed if I lose this opportunity to get almost $500 back!!!
The end of this week marks my three year dedication to Comcast. Can you believe I will have been here for 3 years already?! I can't! Its the longest job I have ever held, not that I am not a good worker but I tend to get bored easily and want to move on, have some kind of change. I guess thats just another sign that I am growing up still.

What a chatter-box Shaylee is! I truly think she could possibly be gifted- her vocabulary and language skills seem so much more advanced than any other two year old I have seen, and I don't just say that because she's my daughter. Everyone who comes into contact with her agrees. This past weekend we enrolled her in a Kindermusik class which is a parent/child interactive music class. They sing songs, read stories, dance, play instruments, and have a blast. Nils and I took her to a preview class on Saturday and after the first 20 minutes finally warmed up and participated. She can be so shy and reserved at first but once she warms out, LOL! Each class is 45 minutes long and are every Saturday morning for a 15 week semester that normally begin in September and again in January. Since we enrolled late, our tuition was prorated and the instructor, Ms. Marne, was gracious enough to let us make payments since she understands how horrible the economy is for so many people right now. The class reminds me very much of Gymboree classes which also have a music program. A plus to Kindermusik is each semester, the family gets a Home Activity pack. This semester is called "Milk and Cookies". The activity pack included a two disc CD with the songs, poems, and sounds that they experience and sing in class; two story books; a stir xylophone, and a Home Activity book with the lyrics to the songs and other activities that tie it all together. The idea is to continue to share the musical experiences daily at home as well as in class. I am excited to see how Shaylee grows with all this!
Here is the link if you would like to read more on this awesome program:

Shaylee's new obsession is ketchup. She ate so much of it the day this was taken that she got sick.
Whole Family
We as a family are raising money towards the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure walk in March. Even Shaylee and my mom will be participating (well, Shaylee will be in a stroller but she will have her own Race for the Cure shirt and everything). I have been busy typing a quite professional sponsor letter that I will be handing out and mailing to various local businesses to see if they would like to offer a donation. The best part is our team name- "Saving Second Base"- get it? LOL! Hopefully we will reach our team goal which I have made $2000. I made it high since I am suggesting that the businesses offer $150 each which can help a needing individual recieve a life changing mammogram since early detection is the best chance for survival. So far we have $1.00 from one of the girls in my department. We have a long way to go. Sigh.

Zoey recently got her hair cut and looks like a poodle and not a sheepdog anymore! It was really starting to annoy me, having to pick pine needles, leaves, and poo out of her fur every other day and I was too embarrassed by her unkempt appearance to take her anywhere which wasn't very fair to her when Cayman gets to go so many places. She is pretty well behaved just about everywhere we go so now that she looks good, she'll get to go out with us more too. I have become more of a responsible dog owner and got her updated on her rabies and kennel cough vaccinations when I got her groomed also. Our local Petco has a vet come the last Saturday of the month to do low cost vaccinations, and they also have a groomer in Petco so I got both done last month. This Saturday Zoey will be going back to get the remaining required vaccinations (for some reason they don't like giving them all at once- I think it has to do with liability to an allergic reaction or something) so she will be 100% updated.

Cayman is finally getting that plume-y feathering I wanted so much in his tail and legs. He still doesn't have much feathering on his chest but he's still growing into his adult coat. They say it can take up to three years to get the full adult coat in and hormones and genetics play an important role in just how hairy longhair dachshunds can be. His parents had nice coats, not too thick or too long, just the right amount of feathering (I have seen some really hair-balls out there) and Cayman is neutered which can make his coat thinner than if he was still intact. He has finally loss what I think is the last of his puppy teeth which is a great relief as I really did not want to have to pay to have them removed to avoid further dental issues down the road.

Sterling continues to believe that her tubby butt can catch one of the squirrels in our backyard. She also continues her offerings of dead lizards which she leaves in front of the french doors on the patio. Eww.


Neabear said...

So wonderful to get an update from you guys. I've been busy making friends in blogland here as you probably have noticed looking at how many blogs I follow now. LOL! I guess I got tired of waiting for updates and started reaching out to others. I'm glad though. I have met many wonderful people and some of them have dachshunds.

Neabear said...

Oh, I also wanted to ask if you will take a picture of Zoey with her new "do". I'm curious as to what she looks like now.

Neabear said...

Now I see that you got that picture of Zoey. Wow, so different from I am used to. Holy moley, I don't recognize her. LOL!