Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trunk Or Treat @ Lamb of God Lutheran Church

Last night, one of the local Lutheran churches had a "Trunk of Treat" for the younger children. Basically the church members and volunteers would back up their vehicles in a circle. The trucks of their cars and SUV s were all decorated with Halloween decorations and lights and the younger children, most ages 2 to about 8 or so, would go trick or treating from car trunk to car truck- all dressed up in their costumes. It was great practice for Shaylee, since this is the first year she is going to actually be trick or treating. She loved it! There was little games taking place like ring toss and some game where you picked a little duck from a pool and got a prize if you knew the number on the bottom of it. Inside the church's preschool, there was arts and crafts where kids got to decorate white paper bags with stick on Halloween themed shape foam pieces and stickers. It was so nice to have something so close to home for the little kids. And the volunteers were thinking ahead as most of the candy they were offering was appropriate for smaller kids and toddlers- like M&Ms, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and mini chocolate bars-not all, but Shaylee's bag of "Shaylee Appropriate Candy" held just about the same amount as the bag that I deemed "For the Grownups Only" which consist of lollipops (they make me so nervous), hard candies, gumballs, and really chewy things like Now and Laters. I was surprised to see that some were even offering small cheap novelty toys and healthy alternatives like bags of pretzels instead of the usual candy. Shaylee got a orange and black toy that looked like a pair of hands that when you shake it, it makes noise, and a black parrot shaped whistle. After our little Trunk or Treating, we took her to McDonald's for dinner and let her burn off her little sugar rush on their playground, which of course she loved as well.
That kid goes crazy for playgrounds! It was a nice evening and gave her some really good practice for the big night of real trick or treating. Only 8 more days to go!


Neabear said...

What a great idea! I was wondering what the "trunk" part meant when I saw the title. So cute. I love Shaylee's costume. Just adorable.

Neabear said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you. That was the church we visited when we were there for your wedding. Doesn't your grandmother go to that one?

Archer said...

What a cute Halloween Costume! She is so adorable. I miss you guys so much. I can't wait until the next time I get to see you. Although I don't really know when that will be. Oh well. St. Paul does a trunk or treat as well. I'm glad to hear that that is a more wide-spread practice among churches. A great and fun time for young children who may not be able to handle the real thing!

Neabear said...

Cool! You got some of the pictures from your mom's camera. So cute! Wow! They really go all out with the decorations with the cars. That is an awesome idea. I didn't realize that Sara's church does that too as she stated in her comment.