Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family Update

Nils keeps himself busy in the evenings after he gets off work and Shaylee is off to bed with one of his new X-Box games. He currently has about three new games he alternates from, of which he can play online with other gamers all over the US. Its nice he is able to interact with others with his same interest, for I DO NOT have the patience for video games myself, LOL!

I like reading but was finding it harder and harder to find the time to actually do it and was checking out books on tape for a while until my work decided that we were no longer permitted to listen to music (or in my case, books on tape) any more. So its been forever since I have read (or heard) a good book. I did decide I really wanted to read "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philippa Gregory after seeing the video on Video On Demand. And its soooo good! I found I can read uninterupted during my lunch hour and while I am sitting in the bathroom while Shaylee is taking her nightly bath. Then after she goes to bed I can read a bit while Nils hogs the TV with his X-Box, LOL. I am already almost half way through it and I just bought it last Wednesday!

Shaylee got her very first Build-A-Bear. Its the Brown Sugar Puppy and she has affectionately named him "Buddy", since all stuffed animals are referred to as "buddies". For those not familiar with Build-A-Bear, its a teddy bear store where you get to pick, stuff and dress your bear (or other animal, in our case, a puppy). You then get to print out a "birth certificate" (we declined on this since Shaylee is too little to really care about this part).

So Shaylee got to pick out which animal she wanted and choice what they call is the Brown Sugar Puppy. You then get to pick out a sound button which goes into the paw of the animal so when you press it, it talks. "Buddy" says things like "you're a cool friend", and "lets play ball!" in a spunky voice. Then with the assistance of one of the employees, the animal is given a little silk heart, kissed by the child and inserted inside the animal which the employee then stuffs with this big swirling tank of fluff. The employee then gives the child the animal for a "squeeze test" to make sure the stuffing is filled just right,before hand stitching the animal's back closed. The child then takes their new friend over to a pretend blow drying and styling table to "fluff them". At this point the child can pick from hundreds of little outfits to dress their new stuffed Build-A-Bear. We bought "Buddy" a pirate costume, just like Shaylee's. Then you name them and pint their own birthcertificate, pay and go! It was a long process, took about 45 minutes from start to finish and cost around $28 and was well worth it. Shaylee carries "Buddy" around everywhere!A naked Buddy- obviously you can't sleep in a pirate costume!
Here is the site if you wanna learn more:

Whole Family
Thanks to my wonderful in-laws (love you guys! ) we have an additional $25 towards our team goal for the Race for the Cure event in March. Thanks so much!!!

To use the last of our company vacation paid time off, Nils and I planned our time off together for 10/29 to 11/3 for what we call "Date Week". Like all married couples, work and raising a little girl tend to leave little time for "us". So we have planned a his choice/ her choice event, one per day, for today and tomorrow. Today is my choice so we are going to Get Your Paint On to paint pottery. You simply choose the piece you wish to paint and paint it to your hearts content! Pieces cost up to about $16. Tomorrow, being Nils' choice, is to go to the gun range and shoot some targets. I have always wanted to do this. It would be really funny if I turn out to be better than him (doubtful, LOL!)

Zoey got her final vaccinations and didn't bite anyone this time, LOL!

Since Cayman is now 6 months old, I can finally register him with the AKC's PAL/ILP which is for purebred dogs that are not able to be registered with the AKC either due to their not having registered parents, loss paperwork, etc. Anyhow, in order for him to compete in obedience trials including Rally-O (more on this topic on his own blog: ). Part of the registration requires that he have a registered name. You know, those long fancy names they give show dogs? Well, on his blog as well as a dachshund forum that I am a member of, I created a poll asking readers what they thought his registered name should be since I had a few ideas but unable to decide on one. I think I have in mind which I am going to use but I decided to let the polls run till November 1st...just for fun really. That and I have to have specific photos of Cayman taken and a $35 registration fee before I can send it off anyhow!

Sterling...well, not much to report about her. She spends more and more time on our lanai and outside in the backyard. I rarely see much of her now a days. I think she is enjoying the cooler weather so she isn't wanting to be in the house with us that much anymore. She even spent the coldest night so far, last night, outside. Crazy cat.

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Neabear said...

What a cool idea to do the her choice/his choice! I like that. So cool that you guys are taking care of "you" as well as your daughter. No wonder I love you guys tons!!!!