Friday, October 31, 2008

Date Week: His Choice- Gun Range

Yesterday was "his" choice for our date week. Nils choose the gun range. It was something we read about as being a good "date" thing to do and were really looking forward to it. When we got there I was completely clueless as to what gun to pick. I just knew it had to be something small without a lot of kickback (I have only fired a gun one other time in my life and that was to shoot clay pigeons with a shotgun which resulted in me with a bruised shoulder from the kickback). So thankfully Nils knew a little something and picked the 9mm which was small and didn't kickback much. So after we got equiped with out ear and ear protection and out paper target, we were off in our lane to try it out.

And I did really well surprisingly! I didn't like the loud sound of the guns going off, it made me jump every time. Even with ear protection, it was still really loud. And the gun powder made my eyes water. But it was fun! I was a little scared to be honest. Guns intimidate me. I couldn't tell if my shaking was out of fear and excitement or from cold. It was already a cool day and they had a bunch of fans on us to clear the air of the gun powder.

After the 9mm, Nils wanted to try something a little more masculine so we tried the .45 S&W 1911. That had quite a bit more kick and was much louder! I just fired off my round and let Nils finish the rest of the case.

It was a really fun date! Even though I was a little afraid, I would still go back! Nils was like an excited little boy, it's all he could talk about for the rest of the day.

After the gun range we went voting. Since there was about an hour and a half wait, we got out ticket numbers and went to lunch at Costco since they have really cheap hotdog meals which are really good. By the time we finished lunch and wandered the store a bit, we were getting close to the hour and a half time frame so we headed back to the election office to vote. We got these in time, there was only about 15 or so people ahead of our number so it was pretty quick getting in.

It was turning into an all American kinda day!Nil's target from his best shots- with the .45
My best shots were done with the 9 mm- not bad for a first timer!

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Neabear said...

Sounds like you guys had great fun. I am glad you have such fun doing things together. So cool! We are at Edward's brother's house now. Soon I gotta start getting ready to go.