Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Survived Chucky Cheese

This evening was suppose to be Nils and my company holiday party but we decided the whole idea of getting dressed up (I had nothing to wear) and braving the chilly night air while fighting to find parking was not at all appealing so we decided to brave something bigger- Chucky Cheese. The restaurant opened over the summer and we had talked about taking Shaylee many times but put it off after the horror stories of how crowed it was all the time. Apparently there is no "slow" or quiet time of day for Chucky Cheese, the only one in our area. But we decided it was now or never.

The word "chaos" is the best one I can come up with for the place. Its loud, crowded (the line to enter was out the door) and the pizza was so-so but Shaylee had fun. With our purchase of a large pizza, we were given tokens and all the rides and games take one token each. Shaylee's favorite games were of course the basketball hoop shots. I think we spent a good 10 tokens just in that game alone! All the games issue tickets that can be redeemed for prizes- I think we had about 90 or so tickets so Shaylee was able to pick out a gumball machine quality pink spider, stickers, rubbery frog and purple barrette. Even dispite the pushing, shoving, loud environment, we had fun. I can finally be one of those proud momma's that exclaim that they braved and survived Chucky Cheese!

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Neabear said...

Glad you had fun! We used to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese when they were young. I think Nils' first time was when he was around 2 years old. We used to enjoy the Skee Ball game.