Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Project Potty Train

Well, we are officially into day 6 of Project Potty Train and Shaylee is doing GREAT!!! Our method of training is simply letting Shaylee run around the house without any bottoms on and when she feels the urge to go, to go to her potty on her own and do her business. We tried off and on to have her wear her big girl under ware but I think the feeling on having something on her bottom makes her forget the whole going to the potty to relieve herself concept. She is more aware of the fact that its unacceptable to potty anywhere other than her potty and it only took one poopy and one pee-pee accident for her to realize that without bottoms it goes right on the floor (or on her bed in the poopy accident!)

When she goes in her potty she gets a big smiley face sticker and when she tries without making in the potty, she gets a smaller smiley for trying. The only problem is that in the 6 short days we have been potty training, we are using way more big smiley stickers than the small one and of course there is more smaller ones to a pack than the large smileys. Oh and when she poops, she gets two big smileys and I mark that them as so. Look at all those stickers!

Today was the first day she woke up this morning with a dry Pull-up. She even woke up from a good three hour-ish nap with a dry Pull-up!!! Since she was progressing so well with the potty training, I rewarded her with a little electronic keyboard since she has been talking about wanting a "plan-o" which is Shaylee-nese for "piano". She is getting so big!

With potty training comes other good hygiene lessons such as how to wash your hands after using the potty and how to brush your hair and teeth by yourself. Shaylee still needs help with these things, especcially her hair but she really loves to brush her teeth. She wants to brush them everytime she is in the bathroom which is fine with me! The more the better!

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Neabear said...

This is so cute!! Congrats on the success you have had so far. Awesome. I am glad she likes to brush her teeth. She will have healthier teeth than the rest of us that way. Right? Very good washing hands. We all know that is the best way to stay healthy. Frequent handwashing does the trick! Go Shaylee!!!!