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Kindermusik: Fiddle Dee Dee

This semester in Kindermusik is called "Fiddle Dee Dee". I have mentioned Kindermusik in previous post but I realized I have not really gotten into the "meat and potatoes" of what the class is all about. Toddlers push for chances to explore alone, then cling to our sides, relishing the special moments we share together. A desire to investigate urge them forward but a need for their parent's comfort is at the core of their enormous potential to learn. Its a delicate time that can help prepare them for the independence of preschool.

For Shaylee's particular age group, 18 months to 3 1/2 years of age, is called "Our Time" and it focuses on their healthy emotional development as their confidence, curiosity, self-control, and communication begin to take shape. "Our Time" truly provides our time to share as parents with the most important little ones in our lives. The class offers us a full hour to share in singing, dancing, instrument exploration, and movement. Then the fun doesn't stop there but continues at home with a take home kit complete with a double disc CD, two storybooks, a parents participation guide, and an instrument for each semester.

And here is more interesting stuff on Kindermusik I found online:

Instrument exploration nurtures her self-esteem and facilitates her discovery of textures and sound. Language skills are fostered with singing, sound imitation, rhyming, and object identification. Creative dancing to different musical "moods" affirms her urge to move. The anticipation and rewards of listening are introduced, and with turn-taking activities, social skills begin to blossom. FIDDLE DEE DEE

Creatures of the animal kingdom, whether furry, web-footed, hoofed, winged or whiskered, are the subject matter for Fiddle-dee-dee. Fiddle-dee-dee takes its name from the beloved folk song about the fly who married the bumblebee. The theme of "fiddling around" is present all semester long. Included are recordings featuring a range of "fiddle" playing styles from classical violin to folk style fiddling and other relatives of fiddles, such as the sitar of India.

On the At Home CDs, you'll hear a an emphasis on the stringed instrument family, with instruments such as the mandolin, banjo, lute, classical and folk guitar, harp, string quartet and double bass. The Home CDs include music representing many cultures. Bangara Dance is a traditional Punjabi folk dance of north India. The Japanese selections for rocking—Komoriuta (lullaby) and Usagi, Usagi (Rabbit, Rabbit) –are presented in Japanese as sung by a Japanese mother and child. French is heard in two songs—the French Canadian Ah! Les jolis papillons (Oh, The Pretty Butterflies). Alle Meine Entlein (All My Little Ducklings) is a favorite German folk song. There also are three classical recordings (including a comic operatic cat duet) and many Anglo- and Afro-American traditional folk songs and rhymes.

And, of course, there is the original home instrument, a pair of Fiddlesticks! Sporting the bright stripes of a bumblebee, the one-of-a kind Fiddlesticks can be rattled, rolled, tapped and otherwise fiddled with to create fun sounds and play possibilities. The animal theme of Fiddle-dee-dee ties in nicely with musical themes. Animal sounds, which are so appealing to children, naturally prompt imitation and provide abundant active listening and vocal play material. And in the context of moving like animals we are easily able to focus on movement concepts such as high and low, smooth & bumpy, fast and slow.

The songs are chosen for their singability to aid young singers in finding their singing voices. A favorite animal song is Sweetly Sings the Donkey. Simple rhymes such as Bazoo, Bazoo, Butz are a fun part of this curricula.

Two literature books feature adorable, whimsical artwork. Animal Serenade features the cut paper art of Andrea Everbok and snippets of familiar folk songs. This Little Piggy Played the Fiddle is a new version of the familiar toe-tickle rhyme and features music- and movement-oriented little piggies delightfully illustrated by Carol Dee Jung.

Fiddle-dee-dee Home Materials

Included in your home materials is a pop-up box in the shape of a dog house for carrying your home materials, a home activity book with songs to sing and activities for home, two literature books, two CDs, and a pair of Fiddlesticks.

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