Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shaylee's 1st Dentist Appt

Yesterday, Shaylee had her very first dentist appointment and it went really, really well! The office, Barkley Pediatric Dentistry, truly caters to young kids with its fun underwater decor and movie pit where Shaylee's favorite shows were playing.

First the hygienist took x-rays of Shaylee's teeth, asking her to open big and bite down like an alligator. I couldn't believe she sat so still! Then the hygienist cleaned, flossed and provided a fluoride treatment to Shaylee's teeth. And again, she was perfect! I though for sure she would start squirming, or worse, start getting upset but even the hygienist said she was a perfect patient, even better than some of the older kids they see. I think a lot of it came from us talking positive about the doctor and dentist and Shaylee having watched the latest episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 where the sextuplets went to the dentist.

When the actual dentist came to examine Shaylee's teeth, she said that there was no cavities (thank goodness!) and that all her teeth have come in nicely. She does, however, have an open bite in the front which means the front teeth don't touch the bottom and there is an open space and a cross bite on the sides in the back which means the bottom teeth stick out further than the top.

I nervously asked if the pacifier had anything to do with the open bite and the dentist assured me that the main culprit was the actual shape of her mouth but the pacifier should most definitely be something she is weaned off of. I had tried to have her give them up at Christmas, "leaving them for Santa to give them to all the babies" but she threw such a fit about it, especially at bedtime, that I reluctantly gave in. The dentist recommended poking holes in the pacifiers so that when she sucked on them they would lose their shape and not satisfy her. Then I also don't look like the bad guy, LOL! I know she'll ask for another one and I'll make sure I can keep handing her an altered pacifier so she eventually figures out they are all like that and will hopefully not want them.

As far as the cross bite is concerned, the dentist isn't concerned since she is so young and still hasn't gotten her last set of molars which come in around age 6. If its still a probably, their is a spacer retainer thingy that will help push the teeth on the top out further so they line up with the bottom teeth.

Shaylee did such a good j0ob that she got a prize from the treasure box and got to bring home a little dental goodie bag with a travel sized toothpaste, a new Dora the Explorer toothbrush, Crayola flossers, and stickers. I am so relieved that Shaylee is not only an excellent patient but had a good report. She goes back in 6 months for a recheck.

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Neabear said...

Yay for Shaylee! I had an overbite when I was young and had to wear headgear 16 hours a day for a couple of years. Ugh!