Saturday, May 01, 2010

Baby Gender Invitations are Done!

I finally finished the invitations to our baby gender reveal party at Sweet Baby of Mine 4D Ultrasounds! And I have to say I am mighty proud of the way they came out! Very professional in my opinion. The photo you see here is actually a scan of the actual invitation but for some weird reason it looks like the scan cut off the very top and very bottom of the invitation...hmm, weird. Anyhow, the invitations are going to go out later this month primarily for immediate family. A special one has been created for our long distance relatives since they obviously will not be able to attend (unless they plan on making a surprise trip to Florida, LOL!) This place sounds so cool because they have a way out of state relatives and friends can still be a part of it all! Sonostream!

Thanks to Sonostream LIVE technology, you can now experience the sights and sounds of our ultrasound session in real-time (during our appointment) as well as later on-demand (after the appointment). Imagine being able to sit at your computer and share in our reveal as though you were right there in the room with us! See our precious addition as he or she smiles, yawns, or flexes those little fingers LIVE! Imagine being able to hear our reactions as everyone sees the baby’s gender for the very first time together in live 4D motion!

If you would like to participate, all you need is your email address to access Sonostream to set up your account. Once your account is established you will be charged a small one time fee of $12.95 and will be reminded of the date and time of the ultrasound should you want to view it as its happening in real-time. You’ll also have access to the recorded ultrasound stream on-demand so you can watch it at a later date and as many times as you’d like. I know those time differences can be pretty drastic from coast to coast! All I have to do is send out the special link for them to set up their account and they too can be part of this special and exciting moment!

We are so excited! We are confident it is gonna be a boy. In fact, I feel 99% sure of it! We only hope we are right! Of course, of course, we'd be happy with either gender and want nothing more than it to be a healthy baby, but we still have our preferences! We are so confident that we have already purchased a little pair of shorts and a teeshirt, very obviously designed for a boy, but still have the backup that Babies R Us, the store they were purchased from, has a 90 day return policy so fortunately we will already know the gender before the return policy expires!


~SHANNON~ said...

I have always thought gender parties sound like such a great way to welcome a baby! And so fun too! I'd love to hear the other details of your party- I have heard of having a cake with pink or blue inside- and then cutting it to show the relatives:)

I found you through Sara Bond- she said you were great...I believe her!I'm your newest follower! Looking forward to reading more and congrats on the new baby!

PS. My blog has a mothers day giveaway going on right now, check it out if ya feel like it!

Shannon said...

Congratulations! That's so need. I hadn't heard of a gender reveal party but I LOVE that! Great idea. Sarah told me about your blog. Have a blessed day!

Stefany said...

That is so cool that people not near you can be involved!

I did the 3d/4d u/s with my son. It was wonderful!!

I am certain you are having a boy. I totally believe that momma's know. :)

I am following you now.

Shawna said...

Yes, gender reveal parties are the latest thing now! Some people really go all out! Ours is gonna be very simple- everyone is invited to see the gender revealed via 4D ultrasound with us, and then we are gonna go out to lunch to celebrate....very casual. I dont know enough people who would attend an actual 'party' per se, and I am having a baby shower (10/10/2010) so I think too many parties might be overkill to anyone other than immediate family.

Thanks all for following, its nice to have readers- so very often I think I have a really great story to share, but not too many people to share it with!