Sunday, February 08, 2009

Change is In the Air!

With me starting my college education this summer, Nils having stopped smoking, and Shaylee breaking through into the world of potty training, change is in the air. And with that I have redone my blog- for the better I think. I personally LOVE it!!! Too freaking cute! So enjoy the changes you see here on my blog and those you read about from here on out!


Neabear said...

That is an adorable background. I love it. I agree it is too freaking cute! I met a blogger who lives in Cape Coral. She talked about attending an art faire thingy in Fort Myers. I thought that was interesting. Have you been following Helmi and Stella's adventures in my blog? Also did you get card for you and postcard for Shaylee in the mail? I am going to try to mail Shaylee little cards and notes more often to help her to connect with us more. Look for more to come. Plus I think Shaylee will have a blast getting mail from us.

Neabear said...

Oh, I notice that Sara is not in your extended family links. Maybe you should add her. hint hint...I think it is cool she has been asked to choreograph a couple of shows. So neat her talents are being recognized. We wish we could go and see her shows.

Heather said...

hi. thanks for checking out my blog today! you asked how to do the personalized signature on your posts. here is the site to go on to do so.
copy and paste that site and follow the directions. it's really easy! good luck!