Monday, February 23, 2009

GULP! Test Day!

Today was my placement testing for Edison State College. I was really nervous going into it. I just knew the math section was going to be a problem for me. Its not a pass or fail test, but an accurate measure of academic skills in reading, sentence, arithmetic, and elementary algebra, all done on the computer. Its all multiple choice (thank goodness!) and only certain portions of the math allow you to use a calculator which would pop up on the screen during those times.

It took me 57 minutes to complete the test. And I did really, really well in the reading (97%) and sentences (99%) but my arithmetic and algebra scores were the complete opposite. I scored a 31% in the elementary algebra and 35% in the arithmetic. The high scores in the reading and sentences allowed me to fly right into the college required composition classes but the math section raised a red flag for remedial classes. Based on my scores, the advisor I met with after the test said it would take three remedial math classes just to get to the first required math course. And those remedials did not count towards my college credits. Gulp!

The advisor suggested that I retake the math portion of the class. I can retake the test in 31 days from the date of the last test. If I score better then I can cut one or more of the remedials which would be beneficial. I decided that was the best bet rather than taking the remedials as part of the SOAR (Student Opportunities for Achievement and Rewards) which is designed to help students become better learners. So I got yet another test date, March 27th.

The advisor also went over the college general education requirements. I had thought I would be applying for a Associates in Science for Business Administration and Management until I read that the Associates in Science is a two year program to prepare for entry into employment. The actual degree I am aiming for is the Associates in Arts for General Business which offered to freshman and sophomores intending to enter baccalaureate programs (which is what I am leaning more to).

With the AA in Business comes the well rounded assortment of subjects, even some that I would rather not have to do such as natural sciences (which I chose "Man and the Environment" and "South Florida Environment" and social sciences ( which I chose "World Civilization 1825 to Present") since they sounded the most interesting among all the other unrelated-to-my-job courses offered. But since I am enrolling in the summer semester and that schedule isn't posted till March 16th, I had to wait to get a better idea of which classes I am going to take and when. A lot also depends on my placement retest. They have a freeze on the registration process when you do not score the minimum grade in any portion of the test. My low math scores put a freeze on my registration process so until I retest, I can't register anyways.

So its totally official. I am a college student. I even got the school photo ID card now to prove it. Hmm, I wonder if that means I can get into the movies under "student" discount! LOL!

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Neabear said...

Good luck!!!!! I hope it goes well for you.