Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our 2 Yr Anniversay and Valentine's Day Celebrations

Since Nils' and my 2 year wedding anniversary fell on a Wednesday, we waited to celebrate it and have our romantic Valentine's Day dinner on Friday . I have to give Nils credit. This was probably the first time I have ever left all the planning to him. He jokingly calls me his "events coordinator" because I tend to be the one that plans everything.

But anyhow, this time it was all left up to him. I was told nothing more than to dress nice and be ready for dinner reservations at 7:30. I was pleasantly surprised that he took me to Hemingways, a very nice and classy seafood restaurant. I had champagne, a very rare treat and he sipped a mojito. We ordered appetizers, dinner, AND dessert, also a rare treat. I was more surprised to hear that a movie was to follow- "Confessions of A Shop-A-Holic"! My husband was going to take me to a chick-flick!!! By that time I was getting groggy from a full belly and having to work all day so I thanked him and took a rain check on the movie. I am not good in dark theaters when I am tired and I really wanted to see that movie and not fall asleep!

So we got coffee and hot cocoa at Starbucks, wandered around Best Buy for a bit, then went home to retire for the evening. Our little party girl, Shaylee, was still up when we got back around 10:30 so we had Family Movie Time in bed, watching "I, Robot". I, as expected, passed out. Told ya I was tired!

On Saturday for Valentine's Day, since Shaylee did not have Kindermusik class, we took her to the Imaginarium Hands On Science Museum in Ft Myers. It has exhibits such as a touch tank with horseshoe crabs and sting rays, sea urchins and cucumbers and hermit crabs; a wind tunnel that lets you experience the force winds of a hurricane; a dinosaur fossil digging box and more. I remember going to the Imaginarium years and years ago for a class field trip and I have to say it is nothing now like I remembered. And I mean that in a negative way.

The place was....well....kinda lame. Some of the best exhibits were out of order- like the one were you can touch a cloud, and others were nothing more than a bunch of magnets on a table. Shaylee liked it okay, I suppose. I think most of the exhibits were a little too advanced for her. Her favorite part was the play area. She had a little melt down when it was finally time to go, but over all it was a pleasant family experience.

After the disappointment of the Imaginarium, we had lunch at Hardees and then went over to the Fleamasters Fleamarket. I love the fleamarket! Nils bought me a very pretty dress for work for only $12!

When we came home we have a wonderful surprise waiting for Shaylee- a box from her Grandma Nea and Poppa Ed! All the way from Sonoma, California. Inside was a Snoopy stuffed animal with chocolates and a little purse Grandma Nea crafted out of....get this...recycled plastic shopping bags! And some of Nils' sister's flannel pajama from when she was little, lined the inside. How neat! We also got a lovely Valentines greeting.

We may not have celebrated Valentines Day the traditional way but I think ours was a lot better.


Neabear said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!

Neabear said...

It was fun looking at the pictures. I love seeing Shaylee with her Daddy. So cute!