Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grow Baby Grow!

I have been a nail biter since I was probably about 3 years old. My mom has tried everything to get me to stop- using bitter tasting potions and lotion, but nothing has been able to stop me. As a result, my nails are thin and flexible. I can literally fold them....when they ever get long enough to clear my nail beds. And the only time that happens is after wearing acrylic tips or other artificial nails. But even then, the acrylic continues to weaken them. I have read that by having acrylic or other artificial nails hinders your natural nail's ability to grow properly. Sure they grow fast since I am not able to nibble at them, but having artificial nails is like having a cast on your arm- when it's removed your skin is white and your arm is weak. Acrylic tips do the same thing- make them more weak. Plus having your nails done is hella expensive. It was costing me $20- 25 every two weeks to have fills done by the time I applied the gratuity. In a month that is about $45! In a year, that is over $480! Do you know what I could buy with $480??? So I decided its time to let them grow. No more biting. I will have to keep you all updated on my progress!
I went to Sally Beauty Supply and got the necessary tool for doing my own at-home manicures:
  • Super Nail Alpha Hydroxy Cuticle Remover and Rejuvenator:normally $4.99, brought home and realized the cashier forgot to ring me up- so FREE! Whoops!
  • Nail Life Nail Revitalizer-Formaldehyde Free formula: one of the highest reviewed nail treatment for problem nails that are weak, split, are thin, cracked or peeling; normally $7.99, bought for $7.49 with my Sally Beauty Club card (which I bought a year membership for $5)
  • Haken Essential Fragrance Cuticle oil in vanilla almond scent: another top rated product, smells amazing (there are about 5 or 6 different fragrances to choose from); normally $4.99, bought for $3.99
  • Beauty Secrets Implements six piece profession manicure kit with stainless steel cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher, toenail clippers, metal cuticle pusher/nail cleaner, salon filing board, and stainless steel cuticle scissors: found that the cuticle nipper alone cost about $14- I got this whole kit for $12.99 with my beauty club car- normally it would have been $14.99!

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