Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby K's Gift Registry Continued

There is this amazing catalog called 'One Step Ahead' that has tons of innovated products designed by moms and doctors and the things in there are awesome! Things you can't find anywhere else and things you can't live without! Here is what is on our registry on their website:

Natural Foam Mat
I have all hardwood floors so a crawling Baby K would greatly appreciate a padded playarea! This one is totally cool because it matches my floors so I can put them in the living room without fear that they will make my living room look like a daycare center! And they wipe clean with a wet cloth, making cleaning them easy.
And they are thicker than most other foam mats making them extra protective of toddling little ones.

Sock Ons
Babies are born with an uncanny ability to remove socks, exposing those piggies to the cool weather! Sock Ons.Slip these stretchy little wonders over baby's socks, and baby's socks will stay on, no matter what. Comfortable, fashionable, and foolproof; infants can't kick, tug, or pull 'em off.

Add-A-Size Garment Extenders
If Baby K is anything like Shaylee was as a baby, she outgrew the length of her onesie far faster than she outgrew the actual chest and sleeves of them. I soooo could have extended the life of the cutest one pieces had I had these!  Unlike others, this garment extender set not only works with Carter's® and Onesies®, but GAP®, Old Navy®, and many other popular brands. You get more, too: includes two each of five different snap styles. Found exclusively in One Step Ahead catalogs and website.

 MiSwivel Feeding Chair
Highchairs are so bulky, and take up so much space, not to mention kids grow out of them way too soon. This feeding chair is AWESOME! Three feeding seats in one, with a "twist"...let's make that a "swivel!" This 3-in-1 chair isn't just an outstanding, grow-with-me value, it's a design innovation that spares your back. Swivel the chair to face you, put baby in and swivel it into whatever position you need it!  It's mounted on a height-adjustable, turning base, so you can secure baby without straining, then position it perfectly. Converts from reclining infant space-saving highchair low-back booster. With reversible, machine washable cushion. From newborn to  50 lbs,  it outlast most other feeding chairs.
 Since I live in a small duplex with a tiny dining room, this feeding chair can be placed right on my existing spare chair right at the dining room table, making Baby K included in family meal time right from the start!

Love it love it love it!

You can view these online by visiting and searching under our last name, Laufer. :)

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