Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First Vivid (and WEIRD!) Pregnancy Dream

Is it true that women have more vivid dreams while pregnant? I mean, usually in those dreams you would be pregnant or they are dreams about the baby right? Well this one didn't involve a baby, and I don't remember if I was pregnant or not, but it was so vivid that memorable that I just had to share. Its actually kinda funny now that I think about ludicrious that I wonder hows it seemed so real.

Had a dream that I am driving down Alico with entire family and we pass the road where my grandparents used to live. The house is still for sale after their deaths, keep this in mind. We do a double take because the four or five houses next to it that were vacant due to foreclosures and short sales, have HUGE rock and heavy metal radio station banners draped across the front of them and we are like, WTH? So we do a U turn and park in my grandparent's driveway and take it all in. The houses with the huge radio station banners are doing mini concerts and hosting house parties! My dad whips out his cell phone and is frantically calling around to figure out what the hell is going on. I say "you guys are never going to sell it now". Then we look across the street where Kinderworld Academy, a little daycare center that I used to work at, has been bulldozed down and a new HUGE Regal movie theater has been built in its place and the few lots next to it.
Then I woke up.

 Isn't that like the WEIRDEST dream ever?! I think what made it so memorable was that its based on a real place, my grandparent's house. So weird.

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