Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Names- Unoffical Results

A lot could change in the next 36 weeks, but here are unofficial names we have picked out for the baby, which I will affectionately call "Baby K" for now....

Boy- (we are 100% on this one, if its a boy, this is the baby's name)
Kanon Slade Edward Laufer
Kanon was a name we were thinking of back when we were pregnant with Shaylee, although at that time the spelling was "Cannon". Its a name we both decided on and are big fans of. Slade was a name I heard, don't laugh, on the Bravo channel's reality show "Real Housewives of Orange County". It just sounds so masculine. Edward of course is for Nils' father. Shaylee's middle name is Linnea which is Nils' mother, so it was only far that Poppa Ed's name fit in there somewhere too, right, LOL! Having two middle names could raise a problem later if we want to have anything monogramed in which we would then just use the initals KSL. Edward would appear on birth certicate and other formal things, like his wedding invitations, etc.

Girl- (still brainstorming but this happens to be the favorite so far)

Kaylyn Channing Laufer
For some reason this name is just stuck. Its interesting because my mom's and my grandmother's middle names are Kay and mine is Lyn, with one N. This first name, Kaylyn, is a combination of them! Too perfect! Channing is another name I heard on TV- the actor Channing Tatum (male) and a dancer on So You Think You Can Dance (female). Either way, I loved it and originally was thinking of using it as the first name until I thought of Kaylyn.

I am still teasing Nils that if it turns out to be twins, one of each, then we can use both, LOL.

He doesn't seem to find this as funny as I do.

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Neabear said...

Interesting way you found the names. It will be cool to find out which one you will actually use. Such excitement!