Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nils Almost Loses His Fingers

What a day yesterday was.

Shaylee had her one year physical with Dr Tony. He said everything looks great, we can start her on whole milk now (thank goodness, no more pricey formula!), she is just under 23 pounds and he even said I am doing a fantastic job as a mother. Yippy!

After her appointment, I went to work. Normally I am scheduled to be there at 8 am, I didnt get done with her appointment and get there till 10. No big deal though since I dont take a lunch so I got overtime to play with. Then around 3 pm, our roommate Steve calls me and tells me that Nils is going to the hospital- he got hurt at work, but he didnt know the details. Nils called me shortly after he got the the walkin clinic in Marco Island and told me they needed him to go to another office, something to do with Workman's Comp.

So his job partner dropped him off at my work around 4. I got permission to leave and we went to the clinic they told him to go. When we get there they tell us that they cant reach anyone at Nils' office since it is after hours so they cant get the authorization to treat him and send us to another hospital emergency room.

We get there and wait and wait and wait.
When we finally get him seen they take x-rays. His middle finger on his left hand is not only broken but they have to reattach the fleshy finger pad back on. His pointer finger on that same hand is ripped apart as well. The biggest concern is the middle finger. He has to go see a hand specialist to make sure it is healing properly. And the doctor informed us that he may lose that part of his finger- it may slough off so his middle finger may be somewhat deformed.
We made it back home after 9pm. Poor Nils had to sleep on the couch because the pain kept him up and he didnt want to disturb me or Shaylee (who slept with me since we had to wake her when we finally got out of the hospital- my mom was watching her).
Its so irrating that he got injured around 3 and wasnt even treated for his injuries till almost 6:30pm. But he is okay. He has antibodies and pain killers and even though they really do nothing more then dull it a bit, he still has the fingers. More and more I am wishing he would find a less dangerous career (he installs hurricane shutters- the injury was caused by cutting metal with an electric saw of some sort- he has already almost severed his thumb off on the same hand a couple years back with the same tool!) Too bad there isnt a comfy desk job out there that pays the same as what he is doing now!

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