Friday, June 22, 2007

Nils Just Can't Catch a Break

Nils had an appointment with a doctor on Wednesday so he drove me to work and picked me up afterward. Unfortunately the woman from the Workmen's Comp office scheduled him with the wrong type of doctor. So he drove me all the way to work which is about 32 miles in one direction from the house to have to go another 15 miles for nothing.And the worse part is because he had to drive himself because I couldn't miss anymore work, he could not take his pain killers because they say you should not operate a vehicle while on them. So he spent almost all day without anything to relieve the extreme pain he is in.

 He finally got an appointment with the correct type of doctor yesterday who checked his hand. He is concerned because part of the middle finger's skin is dark- kinda blackish. Like a bruise but he is concern it could be dead or dying flesh. We have to change the bandage daily so last night I got to see how the wounds were looking. Not pretty. Nils is afraid of that darkish skin. He is afraid he may lose part of his finger. The other concern is that the fracture of that finger is the very very tip and there is concern he may get a bone infection. He is talking to his boss about possibly getting a lawyer. Especially if he loses that finger. There is no reason why Workman's Comp should have advised him to leave the emergency room he was originally at to send him on a wild goose chase for the sake of paperwork. That time he spent trying to find a doctor that would accept the Workman's Comp insurance, he could have at least had it cleaned to prevent infection.

Lets face it, an injury that occurs on a dirty saw should not have been left untreated for 3 1/2 hours where infection could have set in. Sigh. This really really sucks. I feel so bad for him. He has been sleeping on the couch every night so that he can elevate his hand which helps relieve the pain enough for him to be able to fall asleep.I wish I could just take the pain away for even a little bit. Every time I look over at him he looks so miserable.

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