Saturday, June 16, 2007

Whew! What a Mother goes thru to plan a Party

After a pretty long day at work my night has been pretty busy as well!

◦Get off at 5pm and fight traffic in a downpour to go straight to the house to pick up Nils and we go grocery shopping for the food for Shaylee's first birthday party.
◦We spend $83 on hamburger patties, hotdogs, chips, soda, and buns. Walk out with a lighter wallet by 6:30pm.
◦Then we dropped it all off at my grandmother's where the party is being held, hung out and ordered a pizza for dinner, and then went home baby free (my mom is watching her overnight so we can get things ready and relax) to bake her Pablo cake and the cupcakes for the guest
◦On the ride home, mentally tallying the total cost of this event in my head. Alarmed my the calculation and proceed to take my mind off of it by immediately getting to work on making the cake batter and the custom blue frosting for the Pablo cake. Go thru an entire jar of Sky blue gel food coloring and most of the Blue liquid food coloring and frustrated, decide the blue will not get as dark as in the recipe photo and decide to settle for my result.
◦Then I realized that I forgot to pick up white frosting and I drive to Publix to pick some up only to find that it is 9 pm and their store is closed.
◦Drive back home. I think it took me a good 2 and a half hours or so to finish the baking and decorating. I decided that I really didn't need the frosting and after tearing apart the kitchen, find a subsitute.
◦Painstakingly apply a large star sprinkle to each cupcake.
◦Finished project looks awesome! Will post pics later.
◦After all that there is a bunch of dirty dishes in the sink now that I am too damn tired to wash tonight and I have threatened to kill anyone that messes up the cake (joking of course!).

◦Get straight to work stuffing goodie bags for the guest, wrapping a couple gifts for Shaylee, and making sure everything I need to decorate including the bubble machine, mini helium tank for the multicolored balloons, and the placesettings are all together to be loaded up tomorrow.
◦Finally by 12:45 get to sit back and relax with a glass of white wine and frozen Musketeer bar and post this blog (okay, it was actually the second glass by this point- I forgot I was already drinking the first glass when I was wrapping Shaylee's Backyardigan beach towel and toddler sunglasses when a cockroach ran out from under the tissue paper and freaked me out- convinced our buddy Mark to step on it since he had shoes on)

◦1pm- finally get to bed (normal bedtime usually 11 pm)

I post this because I am amazed how much went into my little girls first birthday..and knowing here is a whole life time of birthday parties for her ahead!

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