Monday, June 25, 2007

Shaylee's Dresser Search

My mom, Shaylee and I went dresser shopping for Shaylee yesterday. We went to about three or four furniture stores but didn't really find what we were looking for. I want a long dresser, not those tall chest and in white from a quality store- not like the $40 piece of crap she has now from Walmart. Everything we found was really fancy with carvings of ribbons and flowers which she will outgrow in like, three years, or were not white and really modern and too mature looking. So we decided that we will get her a fairly inexpensive one and work on the nicer quality set when she gets a little older. I found a complete set on both Sear and Target's sites that are much nicer than the Walmart one, and not nearly as expensive as the ones in Rooms To Go and the other furniture stores we looked in. The whole set of the long dresser, a nightstand, matching mirror, desk and chair was the same price as just one of the Rooms To Go dressers that we said would work, we just were not crazy about. So I am gonna show them to my mom and grandma when I go to pick up Shaylee and we will make a decision from there. Its convenient that Nils is off work right now, at least we know someone is able to be home when they deliver.

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