Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dentist and Nils' Last Dr Appt Update

Okay- first things first. My dentist appointment was okay. Had some x-rays done and the dentist determined that I need 8 resin/composite fillings, 2 root canals, 3 wisdom teeth extractions, and 1 porcelain crown. He also said I need a full mouth debridement and antibacterial irrigation- in other words a super duper cleaning. My insurance, unfortuantely, only covers a portion of the crown. Once I get everything taken care of then my insurance will cover more which is pretty stupid, but oh well. The fillings, the crown, and the cleaning is already a grand total fo $2003.47. I have no idea what the root canals and extractions will be since I have to see an endodontics dentist and oral surgeon. I don't have quotes from them yet.

Nils appointment went okay too. The doctor told him not to worry, that the healing is looking normal. The biggest concern is infection right now and to keep it clean which Nils has been very good about doing anyhow.

Work pretty much sucks right now. I got a company laptop so I can do overtime work at home and catch up so I have been spending some late nights on that thing. Today I finally got down to only 180 accounts that I have to work on out of the original 290 something. In case you don't know me, I work for Comcast in the LNP group (Local Number Portability) for the CDV (Comcast Digital Voice) which is the home phone we offer. My job is to request the telephone numbers from other carriers like Embarq when a customer wants to switch their home phone. I get to put in the request orders to port the numbers to Comcast. Whoo hoo.

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