Sunday, June 17, 2007

1st Birthday- Great Success!

I am so glad the party was a success! I was getting really nervous because the weather report called for a 60% chance of thunderstorms and anyone who lives in Florida knows that during the summer around 2 pm we get rain- its a given. Anyhow, all I could keep saying was "it figures, I plan a birthday party to be held outside and its gonna pou tely gonna get one again next year. Everyone thought the cake came out perfect. Shaylee was pretty dainty when it came to the cake- I was so expecting her to dig right in but she preferred to dip her little finger in the frosting and grab a little chunk of cake. She still managed to get her face completely covered in very blue frosting- it even stained her skin a little but the chlorine from the pool helped remove it. Everyone had bright blue tongues too.

She got a lot of really cute clothes and toys including a singing Elmo, a ride on Winnie the Pooh train, and all the Backyardigan TY Beanie Babies. I was even surprised to see that my dad went out and bought a dolphin stuffed animal on his fishing trip to the Keys. The reason I was so surprised is that my father has never gone out and bought a toy for anyone on his own- its usually my mother than did any shopping for anyone's kids. So you can see how crazy he is about her! So we named the dolphin "Marathon" after the island in the Keys where it was purchased. Shaylee knows exactly who Marathon is too- you tell her to go get Marathon and she goes and grabs her stuffed dolphin.

Nils did all the barbecueing and nothing got burned! LOL! We had to laugh when it came time to packing everything us as we totally forgot to bring out the tomatoes, lettuce, or onions! Whoops!
All in all the party was a blast and went just as we wanted it to and even though it was a bit stressful getting it all together the night before, I can't till her 2nd birthday!!!
Keep checking back as I will be posting more pics as soon as I get 'em all together! But here is one for now of Shaylee and I in the only pic I could keep her birthday hat on and another of Nils helping her ride on her Winnie the Pooh train.

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