Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Getting Ready to Potty Train

Shaylee is displaying another good sign that she is getting closer to being ready to begin potty training. Not only is she waking up dry or nearly dry on most nights (three in a row this week alone!) but she is taking a great interest in the toilet. She has one of those training seats that rests on top of the regular "big people" toilet seat. Now whenever we are in the bathroom for any reason, whether it be while we are brushing our teeth, getting ready to take a bath, or if she joins me in there to watch me use the restroom, she "wants a turn" to sit on the potty herself. So far she hasn't done anything but sit there and keep looking down between her legs, but it shows she is interested. She likes to flush the toilet too and waved bye-bye as the water goes down. I had already bought her those really thick cloth training pants but recently purchased two pairs of vinyl training pants and some fun rubber stamps and a rainbow stamp pain to give her a stamp on the back of her hand when she makes a good attempt to use the potty. I also restocked my M&M supply to reward her for actually going in the potty. I am slowly weaning her into potty training- if she does something during the random times she is on the potty, then great, I am armed with rewards...and if not, no biggie, we just go on with our business. No fuss, no expectations. We will begin the major focus in December when she is closer to two and a half years old. Then we just might have to have a Potty Party to celebrate her success once pottytrained! LOL!

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