Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Tiny Dancer....Next Year

I have been waiting and waiting for Shaylee to turn two so we could enroll her in dance classes and now that the time has come, Nils and I have decided to wait until she is another year older. We found a dance studio called Tracee's Dance Impact that is reasonably priced (we agreed to wait to see her actual level of interest before researching a higher quality and more expensive studio). They offer a intro to ballet, tap and some tumbling one day a week for three year olds. We decided to wait since we feel Shaylee would learn more as her attention span and listening skills improve. At this tender age, she is just too young to follow directions very well and I would hate to spend money on a class she is not going to enjoy or learn from. That and the enrollment for the fall semester deadline is next week, which is not nearly enough time to get the tuition together as well as the requirements (pink ballet shoes, tan tie tap shoes and black camisole leotard and pink tights) in that short of time. So we will continue looking into that particular studio for next years Fall semester. Since they are based around a school year, I am assuming next year's semester will begin around August again and since Shaylee's birthday is in June, I think we will be having a ballet themed birthday party to get into the excitement. My mom said she would probably buy some leotards or shoes as a gift . Also by waiting, Nils and I can better plan our work schedules to allow one of us to be able to take her to her classes since they are usually offered during normal business hours where we would otherwise be at work. So thats the latest on Shaylee's dance classes we had been waiting for since discovering her love of dance (she is always dancing, in case you didn't already know!)

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Neabear said...

If I remember correctly the studio Sara took dance at and later taught took in students at age 3. But I did not start Sara until she was 5. The summer before she started Kindergarten. There was a special 4 week summer session. So I took Sara to that and discovered that Sara had natural rhythm which made it easy for her to learn to dance. Also there was another child in there who went to preschool with Sara and she did not learn as well. Seeing that also clued me in to how well Sara was picking up dance. The rest is history. She kept it up for 12 years learning tap, jazz and ballet and teaching mainly tap when she got older. Shaylee could end up doing something similar to that over the years.