Tuesday, August 05, 2008

One Step Closer to Potty Training

We think that Shaylee is one step closer in becoming potty trained! One of the indications that a child is ready to begin potty training is that they take an interest in the adult toilet which she has already done for sometime now. I let her come with me and watch and then let her flush the toilet. Now she is letting us know when she is wet which is another indication that a child is on their way to becoming ready to potty train. She will tell us she is "squishy" or is her diaper is "leaky", or in the few times she has peed on the bathmat after getting our of the tub, telling us that she "peed". She obviously knows what it feels like- both the feeling of a wet cold diaper after she has already urinated, but also the feeling of actually relieving herself. Although she is still not very good at telling us when she has a soiled diaper, she will got and get the diaper and wipes for us when asked, sometimes even without us asking her to do so.

Since we have already made a big attempt at toilet training that fell flat due to Shaylee not being quite ready last year (silly, impatient me thinking she would be ready at 1 yr old!), we are gonna wait until all the signs are there before beginning the actual training. We are thinking by the time she is 2 1/2 years old, she should begin the training if she has not done so already as that is the age the baby books say most children begin, girls training more quickly than boys.

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