Saturday, August 16, 2008

He's A Weight Watcher Now Too!

I have been an active member of Weight Watchers since November of 2007. I have been pretty good about staying on the plan for the most part and have received lots of support from Nils. I guess seeing that it actually works encouraged Nils to take action to lose weight himself as he asked me if I would help him do it too. So I figured his daily points allowance for him and did his initial weigh in here at home. He started Friday 8/8 and has loss 6.6 lbs in a week! I am so proud of him! Such a good amount of weight loss during his very first week! Having his support and now having him going along with the plan with me, must have encouraged me to stick with it because I loss 2 lbs myself! So yesterday while we were out and about, we went to the Weight Watchers main office and bought some goodies to keep us going forward including a work out DVD. I mainly bought it for myself but hope that Nils will do it with me. So here's to us both losing weight and getting healthy!

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Neabear said...

Congratulations!! I am glad that you two work as a team. Sign of a good marriage.:-). That makes me happy of course.

arsvitae said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys are both safe and are working together to get healthy. I myself am slowly working on getting healthy. We'll see how that pans out!