Saturday, August 09, 2008

Poor Poppa!

This afternoon my mom had to take my dad to the hospital. It started with his taking what he thought was Tylenol for the back pain he was experiencing. Unfortunately what was in the bottle marked Tylenol was not Tylenol but Motrin. Nils and my brother both have had tooth aches recently and since we buy a large bottle of Motrin at Costco, we all recycle smaller pill bottles to take a supple of it with us in case we need it . The problem here is that Motrin is ibuprofen which can cause allergic reactions in those sensitive to aspirin. My father is very allergic to aspirin. So about 20 minutes after taking what he thought was Tylenol, he experienced really bad swelling of his face, especially around his eyes. I found out after my mom came into our room and said my dad was refusing to go to the hospital. She had given him Bennadryl which is what they recommended the last time he had a similar allergic reaction. He looked terrible- his eyes almost swollen shut. Nils, my mom and I finally got him to agree to go but only after we poked a little fun to lighten the situation. I teased him in a Japanese accent by saying "oh no, look like man eat bad part of blowfish!" and Nils brought up a Beijing reference since the Olympics were on, and my mom said he looked like a toad. It sounds mean but he was laughing, making his swollen and squinty eyes even more squinty, LOL. Anyhow, alls well. He was seen immediately and treated him. But it was still a serious situation in which we learned that should we decide to bring pills in a separate container, we should be marking the bottle. My dad said that he was glad Shaylee had been napping when this all took place because his appearance probably would have scared her. I had to agree, even I had a hard time looking at him. My mom said it got worse when she was driving him to the hospital. It was so bad that the white part of his eyes was swollen more so than the irises of his eyes which she said was really gross looking. Eww! Thank goodness he is okay and looking more normal now!

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Neabear said...

Oh no! Not good! But I am glad all is well that ends well. Lesson learned too I see. Always good to label things. I added a couple of things to my page. So see I am slowly figuring it out!! Go me!