Wednesday, June 09, 2010

16 Weeks Preggers! Belly Pic!

We are getting ready for a growth spurt. How exciting! In the next few weeks, our baby will double his weight and add inches to his length. Right now, he/she about the size of an avocado: 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) to 5 inches and 3 1/2 ounces. His/her legs are much more developed, his/her head is more erect than it has been, and his/her eyes have moved closer to the front of his/her head. And his/her eyes are finally working, making small side-to-side movements and perceiving light (although the eyelids are still sealed). Peekaboo!
His/her ears are close to their final position, too.The bones that are now in place in his/her ears means he can probably hear my voice as I talk. While he/she is getting used to my voice, the tiny muscles in his/her body, especially the ones in his/her back, are gaining strength, so he/she can straighten out a little more. And thanks to his/her developing facial muscles, our baby is capable of making a few expressive frowns and squints, even at this early stage.  The patterning of his/her scalp has begun, though his/her locks aren't recognizable yet. He/she even started growing toenails. And there's a lot happening inside as well. For example, his/her heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day, and this amount will continue to increase as our baby continues to develop.
And most excitingly, we might just find out the sex of the baby this Friday at my OB/GYN appointment and ultrasound!!!!

My cravings lately have been popsicles, especially the ones that are made from real fruit..mmmmm! Maybe its my body wanting more fruit or maybe its the heat, but whatever it is, I love them! Edy's makes a great grape one! Nils must be having sympathy cravings as he is surprisingly obsessed with my Publix Premium Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, which was my ultimate craving all throughout my pregnancy with Shaylee. My how the tables have turned, he's usually a peanut butter/chocolate fan and I had never seen him eat mint ice cream until these past couple of weeks! He also craves buffalo wings...or buffalo wing sauce on chicken nuggets in a pinch.

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